The same material looks different in UE.

One thing which supposed to be a simple task turned into a 2-days marathon of tests and trials.
I’m new to UE and I just want to create a PBR material :slight_smile:

Here is the material I want to recreate in UE:
I’m using the Metallic workflow. And it looks like this:;base64

As you can see the material looks different (too blurry).
And when I save material and apply it to the objects it looks different again. Now it does not only look like the reference but also it differs from the same material in the material editor. Now it’s too dark:

Why the material which is based on PBR textures looks different in 3 different places? Maybe I’m doing something wrong?
Please, help. And thank you in advance!

Blurry may be because of optimization (low res texture) or maybe import settings.
And that dark view in world scene is probably because you have different lighting than in material preview.

Also links to material reference are broken.

I fixed it already. Just in case: here is the link once again:
Regarding the blurriness, it’s too blurry — doesn’t look like just because of the texture resolution. Please, compare to the reference.

Why would you expect it to look the same?

Check if the source you are using exports roughness and base color map to be used with linear or sRGB sampling and adjust accordingly.

Thank for the hints, guys! I finally achieved the desired look.

I expected them to look the same because in the material editor I saw a bright HDRI map lighting the sphere. And when I’m in the scene editor I see a bright sky, which is subjectively perceived having approx. the same brightness as the HDRI background in the material editor. Because that sky is really bright… And this is confusing: I didn’t understand why material looks so dark in such a bright environment. Actually, I still don’t understand that.

But I fixed the problem by replacing the default sky with HDRI texture. And now the material looks like expected.