The same decal texture looks different when spawned from a blueprint vs manually placed. Why?

I’m trying to get a footprint system working, however I’m having some issues trying to get the footprints spawned from my blueprints to look like the ones I placed manually in my map to test.

Here’s a screenshot.

The ones in the green circle are two decals I placed using the Deferred Decal actor. Just a default one, no settings changed.

The ones circled in red on my screenshot are the ones I’m spawning from my character blueprint at certain points in the walk animation.

Here’s the node in my blueprint.

I made sure the scale on both the blueprint node and the deferred decal actor matches, they’re both using exactly the same decal material as well so I’m not sure what exactly is the issue.

Any tip is greatly appreciated.

What Z level are they each spawning at?

My guess would be multiple decals spawned at the same location.

Thanks guys!

Yep, it was a rotation error on creation apparently. For some reason flipping X to -90 and keeping Y at 90 on creation seems to have fixed it. I’m getting the Z from a “arrow component” so X and Y were the only ones I could flip around. I found that a bit weird.

I created the normal map in Photoshop with the swizzle set to “X+ Y- Z+”, isn’t that correct for UE?