The Resistance

This is a project we are doing for our final year at The University Of Hertfordshire

The team:

Joshua Khusal: Environment Artist

Benjamin Lane: Environment Artist

Georgia Jeffries: Character Artist

Adelaide Coldham: Animator


Matt Jenkins: Rigging


Our aim with this project is to create a highly detailed small trade town in the 15th century in the style of the byzantine empire, that sits in the middle of bridge that spans a rapid flowing river, populated by the town’s residents.


Short cinematic sequence of the environment, mixture of landscape shots, as well as shots in street level, followed by a playable sequence of the character walking through the town, towards the Barons house.

The Story:

The city state of (insert name of town here) is stuck between two warring armies.

The city is very crucial for trade and diplomacy so the surrounding countries treat it as neutral ground. Now a war has begun, both armies need to use (insert name of town here) to get across to the other side to invade, but the nobles of the city are worried about the damage either army passing through would cause, and in turn has restricted access into the town for anyone without specific permission (traders, important/wealthy people, etc). The inhabitants of the city are getting agitated by the threat of either army and many refugees are finding their way to the bridge only to find that they cannot pass to escape their plight. The tension between the rich and poor gets to breaking point and the poor in the city and refugees unable to afford the substantial toll to cross has started a resistance to take the bridge under their control. The nobles are aware of this issue and have been hiring many mercenaries to help discipline the resistance to little success. They have now ordered the help of (PLAYER CHARACTER) to help them, a highly successful and famous mercenary. The player will make his way through the town, towards the Barons house, that sits at the edge of the town.

Research: Trip to Croatia

The architecture we have chosen is 15th century Byzantine architecture. We therefore organised a trip to one of the best preserved old towns with this style of architecture, Dubrovnik in Croatia.

From this trip, we gathered a total of 1,700 pictures, ranging from modelling ref, to texture ref (to turn into tillable materials) to city streets layouts, as well as the general atmosphere we want to aim for. We organised all the pictures, into respecting folders and have them on a server for the whole team to use during the project.

This is the overall style we want to aim to:


Concept Art:

Concept art made for us ( By Iacocca Khen Arasy)

Town Layout:…_sketches_4.jpg

Concept Art:…t_Art_final.png

Concept Art to real world reference:…_Real_World.jpg

The concept art is more of a layout guide than anything else, as while we’re building it in 3D, things will most likely change. We are planning to make the streets feel very busy, dirty and used. Filling it with props, such as crates, barrels, people in cages, market stalls, traders, carts as well as all the people which will be around the scene.

That’s an overview of the project! There’s lots of other things that we’ve been researching and organising as well! Everything is still a work in progress and we’ll most definitely end up changing a lot of it, but here it is in its current state!

Crit and feedback welcomed as always!


We’re making a small medieval town that sits in the middle of a river populated by the towns residents.


Market Square:

Lords House:

Front Gate:

Other Places:

Hello I’m Ben I’ll be helping Josh out with the props and environments

Here are some WIP renders of a statue I’ve been working on the past couple days, planing on cleaning up the folds, adding detail to the belt, and doing something with her hands or giving her something to hold like a flag or a staff

The environment looks really good for a block out so far :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Adelaide. I’m working on animation in this project and also sorting out ai for the citizens as we don’t have a blueprints specialist on the team.

So far I’ve put together this really simple blueprint so our characters will walk to random places around the town. I’m still waiting for a rig from our freelancer so for the moment, the ue4 man is being used as a placeholder. I’m not really keyed up much on blueprints so I had to search through a lot of tutorials to find something I thought would work but was still easy to set up. Behavior trees made me want to cry XD. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve this, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much! (:

Ive been making a modular building pack for the more wealthy people of the town. The textures arent yet finished, and theres a few lighting artefacts because i haven built the lighting just yet (: Ive made the geo in such a way where i can vertex paint on top of it, ive set up a height based vertex paint material which ill use to break up the repeating forms/patterns (:

Been doing some more texturing, developing the textures I had already done. Also experimenting to see the different designs/ forms I can make with my asset pack with what I have so far, still got loads more to make so I can create all the building shapes I want to. Still far from final and everything is still in the early stages, but slowly getting rid of the block out and replacing it with assets! (:

Been making more assets and seeing how far I can push my asset pack to create all the shapes and forms I want to, trying to be as unique and slightly quirky as I can, still pretty rough, but im hoping it will start coming together as I start texturing more of the assets. (: Its really time I need to start vertex painting and baking the lighting so I can see what everything looks like properly (:

Hi I’m Georgia, the character artist on the project. Here are some images of some of the character work I am doing. The head, hair and bodies are separated so characters are modular.

First is the first variation of a head, hair and body for a female peasant.

And here’s the high poly for another female peasant outfit. This one is a “washerwoman” type character.

I will post some screenshots from within UE4 soon.

Got my character(s) in the scene to check out textures with the environment lighting.

Been texturing the roofs and also playing around with foliage, just having fun mostly. Also modelled the balcony, but most of my time has been taken up by making tillable materials (: Im still yet to build the lighting, as I need to replace the ground with a proper mesh asap and not just a stretched cube that has no uvs.

Quick runthrough:

Roof Texturing:

A new HP head sculpt, this time an older woman. I’ve also made a start on a new “hairstyle”. I took some advice I received and added a kerchief (I think that’s what this would be called…) Crit appreciated.


Thought I’d log into my unreal just to say good job. Looking forward to seeing this a little further down the line.

Thank you very much! Appreciate that a ton

Been super super busy re working the layout a bit. Ive now added more of like a high street right at the beggining of the level, here there will be lots of props, like carts and crates and barrels etc…Ive also sunk the entire marketplace down about 2 meters, mostly for compositional reasons. Been texturing the roofs, roof trims and chimneys. Feel free to ignore the foliage, just in there so i can see how all the colours are working together. These screenshots and gifs arent with the lighting built, because when i build it, although my models come out nice, all the white block out just turns to pitch black, probably because they arent unwrapped and stuff, looks really jarring so ive just shown my progress without the lighting built for now (:

New high street:

This looks absolutely awesome! Great work everyone!

Ive made lots of changes, added a brick trim around the edges of the buildings to break up the sharp edge. Also added another trim to break up the repeating patterns as well as laying out more buildings.

Ive finally done a very rough preview (since it takes bloody ages) lighting build, just a simple directional light, havnt tweaked any of the settings much, just wanted to make sure my models were shading properly. Ive still got far to contrasted areas so in the coming iterations ill be tweaking the lighting lots (: And of course havent got round to post effects or anything like that, so its still looking pretty raw at the moment (:

This is great level design :cool:

Thank you very much! (:

Ive been working on a way to create a pavement system where i can create it and modify its properties in engine, to get some nice sweeping pathways. Its a blueprint system that creates mesh based on a spline and has parameters to tweak the twistyness, width and options to turn the side walks on and off (: The texture on it isnt final, still working on it and refining it, and ill be vertex painting puddles/mud/dirt over it in the coming weeks (:

Ignore the people walking in the spot, our animator added her animation in the scene since she was pre vising (: