The Resistance

Heres our verticle slice tomorrow (: Finally a proper video, no more gifs!

Ignore the watermark in the music, its just a placeholder since we havent decided on final music yet, and all the other sounds are placeholders as well.

The AI dont move at the moment, we’re still trying to get that system working, but in the mean time they just walk on the spot and stuff.

Looking great! Keep up the good work

WOW! This environment is absolutely BEAUTIFULL!!

Congratulations guys :smiley:

Been making the gatehouse (: still pretty rough at the moment, just trying to get the shapes/forms that I want, and try and get a unique silhouette!

^Also thank you guys very very much!!! (:

Apologies of the lack of updates, ive had a really horrible cold for 2 weeks, which means my progress has been a lot slower than usual :frowning: but im just recovoering now, so hopefully speedy progress from here on out!

We’re back to good old gifs unfortunately!

Hey! Just thought I would show a quick screenshot of the richer looking clothing I’ve been working on. It’s pretty much ready to be textured now so I’ll post again when it’s all done.


The peasant has been working hard and has earned enough to become noble! (Or it’s her more successful twin, who knows?)
Going to try and get a new face out soon.

Still keeping each character at around 20k tris.

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone :slight_smile: Here’s some updates on a modular building I’ve been working on, renders are from Marmoset, I have started setting it up in engine too so will post renders when that’s all done :slight_smile:

I’ve added a new female face. Starting to get a bit more variety now! (For the women at least.)


Great character.
As the building, would modular approach or some character tool generator be better instead ?

Thank you! The characters are modular in a sense that they are separate heads, hair and bodies that can be interchanged. They are all technically in the scene as their own character models though.

Been working on the gatehouse some more (: The textures for the most part are still rough, mostly just trying to block colour in them to see what sort of colours/ materials I want to go for, also been sculpting lots of HPs

This is looking pretty cool, keep up the good work. =)

Adding some men into our NPC roster. I’m just using the guard head right now.


Here is a male peasant complete with a new head and hat.

I was also experimenting with a base beard texture on the face which I can add planes for on top for more variety in the faces.

Hope you all had a great christmas! (:

So ive been really busy texturing the gatehouse, a lot of the textures are still placeholders at the moment, so ill be going back and refining and polishing them, just wanted to get an idea of what the colours/materials are looking like together (:

Lots of great art work you have there. some good environment setup as well. I really hope to see a video of some actual gameplay. seems like there is a lot of AI involved as well. Can’t wait to see a bustling city.

well then, this game looks better than my game “The Resistance” on steam. Good work. I find the humor in that this is a sci-fi and “The Resistance” (Current Context) is set in medieval times.

There’s always a resistance of some form, whether that be the 15th century or the 50th. :slight_smile:

Got a couple more characters done and in the scene. (I’ll make up another female head soon.) I think I will add a few polys to the archer’s tabard thing at the bottom as it’s looking a bit blocky.

Characters are looking great, will they have facial animation or are they only secondary characters ?