the question nobody seems to dare to ask: how to do scenes likes koooolalala do?

please lend a step by step tutorial? :slight_smile:

what about the new foliage lighting model? but the kooolala’s scenes are older than that…
are the default speedtree materials settings up to the task?

in the strange case you dont know who is koooolala: koooolalala - YouTube

edit: my main doubts are about lighting and shadows, I know how to add fog and particles :cool:

Hey there Osakaro,

Koola actually released a free project so we can dissect his setup! There is also a rather lengthy forum post with a breakdown of his technique as well. What it comes down to is using real world lighting techniques (bouncing light from planes IIRC) to provide the ArchVis look.

wow! thank you Havoc.

He also shares his ini file settings and methods he uses in his original Archviz thread here:

And his new thread here has some tips for Speedtree/Outdoor Lighting:

thanks DotCam!

(Im starting to feel guilty for not having looked better the forum before… :()