The problem with using Visual Studio 2017 for my project

Hello everyone. I started using Visual Studio 2017 for my project and when I click on the “Compile” in the engine, I have triggered a breakpoint in the VS. In the editor, I changed the settings from VS2015 to VS2017, but the error still occurs. What could be the problem?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly certain that the engine is built using VS2015 and that the 2017 is not yet compatible. You can use visual studio 2017 but you have to ensure that UE4 is built with the correct compiler (VS2015 Tool chain).

There should be a property setting in your solution to change what tool chain to use.

Edit which might be relevant:

I found this forum post discussing it a few months ago. I also found statements online talking about paths changing which was in 4.14 so if it is an issue with hardcoded paths I doubt it will be fixed until next release.