The problem with replication of a variable

As you can see in the first screenshot, I set the random value to a variable, but if I look from the client (the second screenshot), the variable has a different meaning. Why?
The variable is set once, there is a switch, which does not allow to do this on the client. The error is called randomly. It can synchronize the value 10 times, but maybe 10 times - no.
I also want to note that if you put a small range at a random node, then on the client in this variable there are values that go beyond this range. As if there is some kind of distortion during replication.
The change is written once, and has zero values by default. I also tried to set a delay before setting the variable (anything can happen), but it did not help.
You can play it in any actor on stage.

@Binkadin As you can see, nothing is generated on the client. And since the variable is replicable, clients should see its value that was generated only on the server.