The Problem: Interface elements in world space

I need user interface widgets (not necessary UMG widgets, any solution is ok) located in world that can’t be occluded by another level objects. Widget Component has ‘Space’ property with two options: World and Screen. The ‘Screen space’ doesn’t work properly in stereo rendering mode and I doubt they’ll fix it. Widgets in ‘World space’ are fine in most cases, but sometimes (if they are large especially) occlusions can’t be avoided and my interface components overlap with scene meshes. And they also take tick time for billboarding orientation.

What I mean: ammo labels and white circle on the door:
What I want to achieve: fix dialog buttons to avoid occlusion here:

Any ideas? May be some materials with a special z-buffer setup?

If the material is transparent the quickest way to do it is in the material settings expand the transparent section and check Disable Depth Test

Edit: this can lead to stereo disparities so be careful with it, I’ve seen people use the depth buffer to have occluded UI semi transparent so you could try that

Thank you, i’ll dig it.