the picture becomes vague when I'm moving

I packaged my game and I found that when I’m moving, the view would be vague. It is unacceptable! I don’t know what could cause this problem, and how can I fix it. Could anyone help me? Thanks!!

Turn off TemporalAA in your Anti-Aliasing Method.

Where is Anti-Aliasing Method? I’m using blueprint, do you mean editing it in c++? Could you give me some tips?

I’ve found where to set it. I set it in project settings, rendering. I turned off TemporalAA and chose none for Anti-Aliasing. It is better, however, I still think it is unacceptable… And neither when I chose FXAA for it. Are there any other solutions?

Make sure motion blur is disabled in the post processing settings.

Done!!! Thankyou!

Thanks for the 2 helpers! I think FXAA and no motion blur is the best choice for me.

For a true pixel art aesthetic, you probably don’t need FXAA.