The Perfect Score is Recruiting

The Project:

The game consists of a daring cooperative heist experience set in the modern era. Players will team up with others to take on challenging security systems and work together to pull off incredible robberies. Player roles will also be an integral part of the game. Not a MMO, multiplayer experiences will only occur on specialized instances. Players will also be able to turn on their own team members. An unique feature of the game will be that the game defenses will evolve as more and more players break into them mimicking real life. Players will constantly be testing their skills in a ever advancing world. The game will be online based not just by your team but through the whole world. Players will need to beat other teams by stealing the items with their team faster.

Updated Positions:

We are in need of some **3D Modelers ** urgently to join us in this journey and Programmers. Check below for requirements. We look forward to your replies.

Who We Have:
Our team currently consists of many experienced game industry developers with experience in multiple projects, skills , and studios. We are working intensely to bring this great experience to everyone soon.

Requirements for Level Designer:

  1. Experience with Unreal Engine
  2. Committed and focused
  3. Experience with working with other team members cooperatively
  4. Experience with version control (Perforce) preferred.
  5. Experience in Lightmass and the Material Editor
  6. Able to communicate in English

Requirements for 3D Modeler:

  1. Knowledge of game modeling practices
  2. Some work to show off
  3. A plus if knowledgable about texturing practices and skills for texture artists as well
  4. Preferred experience with low-poly and high-poly baking methods
  5. Comfortable with working in realistic , modern, and interior settings

Requirements for Texture Artist:

  1. Knowledge with common texturing practices for games
  2. Experience in PBR workflow, UV mapping, and texturing
  3. Able to communicate in English
  4. A plus if you are also able to model objects as well
  5. Some work to show off

Requirements for ** Programmer**:

  1. Experience with Unreal Engine
  2. Committed and focused
  3. Experience in Blueprint or C++
  4. Communicate in English and work with team members cooperatively
  5. Preferred experience with Perforce.


Level Designers are expected to assemble models and add assets and lighting to make the complete environment. Level Designers are also expected to create materials to apply to the environment.

Programmers are expected to set up UI , gameplay, and networking features.Programmers are freedom in what they choose to create based on their preferences and skills in UE4. As time goes on tasks will become more detailed for finish but we have positions open in AI, Networking, UI , and more general gameplay features like Security features, and Player functionality.

** 3D modelers** will create props for buildings like museums , casinos , and banks, while texture artists will texture the assets the modelers provide.

Game Progress:

The game is well on the road to success. Hundreds of hours have been put in from the team and the first level has been modeled and textured and game play is progressing well with some videos to come soon! We are currently working on advanced AI behaviors such as integrating personality traits and also working on a melee fighting system for both players and AI. Please see the images linked below this post.

Royalty/Profit-Share. If interested more information will be provided.


Please respond if interested at: or private message us! Don’t feel hesitant to apply , you’ll love our project!

So its some kind PayDay on Ue4… not bad (=

Ok so I do recommend you make a TEST level so that you can practice Lighting , particles , animations , materials , player movement , AI and everything else like the guns and if their working correctly …

If your going for a “PayDay” styled game then I do recommend you add your own ideas and a little twist so that it stands out for the people like add disguises ( like the ones in the Hitman games ) but make it an ability so that its balanced , you level up and you can actually kill a guard , take his clothes and walk unnoticed BUT make it so that you if the player runs he gets detected , if a guard looks at you for too long you get detected , if you crouch more than 2 times in a row or walk while crouching and being watched you get detected and the list can go on :slight_smile: and I think this is already part of the Payday 2 Game but you can use your creativity and give it your own personal touch

This game is barely anything like Payday , half the characters in our game can’t even use guns. Payday is mostly a first person shooter with a heist aspect thrown into it. Our game is a heist/strategy game with third person shooter aspects thrown into it. There’s quite a difference.

UPDATE 4/5/2016 We have found a level designer, but the lead level designer spot and the programmer positions are still open. If you are a 3D Modeler or 2D Artist or Texture Artist please also send us a private message or email us at Thanks!

UPDATE 4/8/2016 We have found a 3D Modeler, but the lead level designer spot and the programmer positions are still open. If you are a 2D Artist or Texture Artist please also send us a private message or email us at If your position is not listed just send us a email anyway and we will see what we can do. Thanks!

UPDATE 4/8/2016 Still looking for programmers (C++ or BP) and Concept Artists. Send us a private message or email us at If your position is not listed but you are interested in the project contact us and we will let you know. Thanks!

Hi everyone! Lots of progress done in the past month. New soundtrack and some renders attached below.
A fossil to go in a museum.

A T-Rex!!
A statue of a bird to fit with a architectural style. (See if you can guess which one)
A dirtier version

An old train…

New space shuttle

Update 5/27/2016
We are currently recruiting for primarily programmers(C++ or BP, please feel free to send us a pm or email), Concept Artists and Texture Artists.
We have gone through a lot of growth over the past few months and now have 10 developers working at Dragonwall including…
1 Sound FX Artist/Composer
1 Graphic Artist
5 3D Modelers(including Texture Artists)
2 Level Designers
1 Game Designer & Programmer
Programmers will be responsible for developing gameplay systems and evolving them to create a playable experience. Please see the requirements and the contact method in the original post.

Still looking for a 2D artists? I am skilled with Photoshop and have basic to intermediate level experience with UE4 editor. I could make you 2D assets, some texture, and if I’m supplied the necessary static meshes, I can also lay out levels fairly quickly, with the blueprints required. Last but not the least, I have a lot of experience making fan posters and graphical composites, so I’d be able to make you excellent promotional material too when you need them. I’m attaching some of my poster work below. Let me know if you’d want for us to work together, and we can discuss this further.


Hi guys! More progress including an updated soundtrack at the same link, and some progress on some World War 2 era objects to go in an exhibit. Still looking for a few people. Check below this post for positions.

The gun is still a work in progress.

Update 6/04/16
We are still looking for programmers and 3D Modelers. Texture artist, 2D artist, and Concept Artist positions have been filled. Thank you!

Update 6/09/16
Looking for a Lighting Artist or a Level Designer who will be responsible for both interior lighting setup and post processing effects and some setup of maps.
Experience with UE4 is required and please send some samples of your work.

Also looking for 3D modelers and programmers.
Requirements listed in previous posts.

OR Private Message me

Update 6/16/16
Level Designer and Lighting Artist positions are filled.
Our team has now grown to 14 people!
Looking primarily for 3D Modelers ** and ** Texture Artists. If you are a programmer , either BP or C++ is fine, feel free to contact us as well. Check above for requirements and have a nice day! Looking forward to your replies.

Update 6/27/2016
Still looking for more Programmers(C++ or BP) and 3D Modelers.
Expect to see some gameplay soon.
We are also working on a exciting plugin for UE4 that will greatly impact the realism of our game and indeed any type of game. Stay tuned for more information!

Okay, now i’m going to make a few assets for the test :’)

Update 7/17/2016
Looking for more Programmers, 3D Modelers, and Level Designers
Contact us if you are interested.

Update 8/15/2016
We’re looking for more 3D Modelers and Programmers!
In the last month we have worked on a melee fighting system for players, cameras , CCTV screens, laser detection features, individual guard personalities and the integration of these personalities with the guard AI so players can manipulate guards based on their behaviors. Stay tuned for a glimpse at one of the guards and his behavior in game!

Are you still looking for Level Designers and what is this project? Unpaid? Paid? Royalty?
Should be clearer, thanks!

Hi the project is Royalty as mentioned in the thread prefix. I’ll add it in to the main post though too.