The Perfect Score is Recruiting

Hi, I’m a 3D Artist. You can see some of my work at or you can email me at :

Welcome UndeadRaiden to Dragonwall Studios!
We are currently looking for 3D Modelers and Programmers.
Anyone else interested please let us know and we will notify you of an opening when available.

Still looking for 3d Modelers?

Looking for 3D Modelers and Programmers again.
Stay tuned for a Facebook page reveal, a new WIP thread, plus exciting previews and tutorials on exciting features in our game.

Looking for Level Designers and Programmers
FB Page Up!
WIP Thread Created:
Check out a new demo of our melee system here:
A tutorial on part of our melee system will be released tomorrow!

Hi there

i can do both either level designer and programmer

portfolio -

Hope to hear back soon guys :slight_smile:

**Looking for Level Designers and Programmers still. **
Expect a new exciting demo soon! This one is about AI behavior and making AI simulate human behavior.

**Looking for Texture Artists and Programmers **.
Any inquiries for other positions may be accepted. Feel free to email us at [EMAIL=“”] or private message me.