The particle completely or partially dissapear

Hi all;

I created two particles to simulate the water in a water fountain. Both of them are causing problems when I put the camera at certain angles.

I set Bounds to -5000 to 5000 in each particle, even -100000 and 100000, but without result. I have also looked shaders, pool’s shader is in “Translucent” mode. In any other way particles they work correctly, but if it is in Translucent, the problems begin.

Upload some pictures. If you need more information, please tell me and I will provide you gladly.

No problem. It’s the result that I want to achieve from any angle.


The opacity of the splash is very low.


The opacity of the waterfall and splash partially dissapear


Greetings and thanks!

Looks like a transparency sorting issue, the water is being drawn adobe the particles.

Thanks for your help, .

After reading your post I researched a bit and I found this.

I appreciate very much your help. The problem is solved!

Thanks again!