The Official 'Idea Guy' Thread

Tomorrow, everquest next LANDMARK launches as closed beta, 20$ if you want to buy a pass, it will be F2P eventually. Its a build only game, think like minecraft in super HD. The cool things that players make in landmark will go to Next, wich is the classic MMO itself. This videw shows what they planned for Next, wich is till more than a year till it launches. This is from the reveal, here they show the world and what they have planned to do.
About Wildstar, looks nice, but ill give it time till i get it.

I heard about that “minecraft in super HD”. This US$20 give me access to the final game by the way? Or just for the Landmark? I’ll watch the videos soonish.

Use of QRCodes in-game with Real-World purpose.

Scan Me!

Loads of games have hidden QR codes in them.

You play a toilet who gets used every day. One day he sees a flyer for a moving about “The amazing flying toilet” and vowed he won’t take anyone’s **** anymore.

So the toilet breaks free from his plumbing to join the circus.

However, as you’ve lost a part of you (The plumbing), you’re slowly dying.

So you need to attack other toilets, kill them and steal their water to survive.

The end of the game is when you arrive at the circus and it turns out only port-a-loos are allowed, so you find a cliff and jump off.

After the credits, you roll onto the shore and a stuck-up toilet collector finds you and the screen fades to black. Then… a fart sound. Then nothing.


True. I was thinking more on the lines of a metagame Scavenger Hunt.

I put all my stupid ideas on a site for you. If you want to leach them, go for it. I won’t sue you.

Nice! I especially enjoyed An Inconvenient Tooth. Can I add one? I.D. (aka Identity Disassociate) A classic survival horror game filled with mystery and jump-scares, in which 4 people simultaneously control a single character (the protagonist Police Detective Richard Maltese) in a Coop Adventure, to investigate the disappearances of identical twin newborns sweeping the nation in 2025. Each player controls a specific part of Richard and must cooperate/communicate to solve and survive the events.

Achievement Trading Badge Meta Game

Idea: Achievement Badge System + Trading Card GameSynopsis: Open or Closed Achievements that can be played as Meta Trading Card Game.

A story based game where I’m not the center of facts neither the hero; but anything else.
Would love to play that, genre wouldn’t matter.

Well not so much a game idea but the kinds of games I like is if you play through a second time things in the world space have change.

With level streaming you can use blueprints to change world behavior so in the first play through a player would have to travel from A to B using one route and in the second play through have to go a different way. Say for example the first time around you have to go through a tunnel to get to the other side but the second time the tunnel has collapsed and you have to now go over a bridge that was gated off the first time.

Seasonal changes also comes to mind. If it’s Halloween then the map is decorated in a Halloween theme and if Christmas…well you get the idea.

Open the dictionary and, word-by-word, append “simulator” to the end. That’s a few hundred thousand game ideas right there (minus the 2000 existing “simulator” games). Don’t worry if you can’t actually express a particular pairing as an actual game easily, just throw some marketplace assets together, throw in some “funny” bugs and dodgy physics and you’re set!

Actually, this idea is too genius for you rabble, I’m keeping it to myself.

Robolution: A MMO with a Virtual Economy that runs on Real-world Cash. Say Hello to your new Job in the Digital Realm.

Please no necroing 2 years old posts.

You can not delete a post to recreate with the same title, or accrue an infraction. Besides, I have more ideas to share from the past two years.

RPG, maybe MMORPG based on the board game Magic and Sword or MMO RPG like PoE
Basically I do not know many good games like PoE, especially when it comes to MMO games. This game contains everything a player needs, an adventure, great graphics, music and great gameplay. Whatever you do, you do for exalted orb, he is the most important of all. If you’ve ever played, you’ll know what I mean. PoE-based games would be great, but you have to think about how the currency would look in your game. Many great games have the drawback that they do not work out the currency issue. I am interested in buying and selling poe orbs and earning money. If you wanted to buy some exalted orbs then here are some great offers with cheap orbs PoE Currency | Buy & Sell Path of Exile Currency - Trade on

Title: The Things
Genre: First Person Shooter, Survival Horror
Type: Multiplayer, Co-op
Player count: 12 max

Okay, the whole idea of this game is almost the same as the Ship or MAFIA card game.
12 people are isolated in the camp, which separates into 2 areas:

  1. Interior: corridors, rooms, etc.
  2. Exterior: players can’t go there and freeroam for 5-10 minutes, player will freeze to death.
  3. Sheriff or the guy who has flamethrower, can have 1 or 2 people to help him, they can have Flamethrowers too, his role is to find the Thing.
  4. Normal person, can’t have flamethrower, but can have different weapons, pistol, shotgun, knife, pipe. Shotguns and pistols are limited to 1.
  5. Manager, he has keys, so he can lock doors and unlock them.
  6. The Thing, as well as the others the things is chosen randomly, only 1 thing in the beginning, but he can assimilate other 11 people. Assimilation takes a little time, 15-30 seconds.

Genre: First Person HORROR (Co-Pilot), Puzzle-Platformer, Shooter
Theme: Horror, Modern Fantasy
Art styles: Stylized Photorealism
Description: The Protagonist is a child that falls into a deep coma after a traumatic event. His/Hers conscious-being is trapped inside a never-ending nightmare. Automatonophobia manifests itself into various types of blood thirsty autonomous marionettes, puppets, and dolls, hellbent on consuming their soul. The Protagonist must survive the nightmare on a search of the Mind’s Eye, the key to awakening from the nightmare and much more.
A nightmarish open world filled with a creepy theme park attractions mixed in with post apocalyptic abandon buildings and forests. The demonic automatons have special abilities. The Game Booths provide a variety of melee and projectile weapons that have super power that does unexpected ‘zany’ things.
Highlights: Co-Pilot: Two or More players control a single protagonist

  1. Semi-automatic Rail Shooter Mode
  2. Gallery Style Shooter Mode
  3. Puzzles
  4. Dynamic Jump Scare System
  5. CoPilot 1 or More players Control the Protagonist
    GDD: TBD

I am an MMO authority!!!I could turn anything into MMO !!! even Super Mario and successfully
we must go back to the origins for make a good MMO todey we need back when games were structured for role playing team and skill Criminnals Vilans and Heros!! when the thief stole from the players that you could put wanted on people’s heads and thieving criminals kill themselves on sight pvp game!! and the sky as the limit to make an MMO you need people with mmoballs

the new mmo after 2008 is like role playing DND with a shity master with the most basic and boring rules without spirit cigarettes coffe

Recipe Quest Game. Players select a Recipe with food items displayed, and must find those items hidden on a map. You can add some obstacles (enemies, puzzles, etc) to make it challenging to find. When they find all the ingredients to complete the recipe, a new recipe is unlocked. Use real-world recipes, so the game can actually be applicable in real-life, so the game can function secondarily as a interactive cookbook :slight_smile: One of my favorites is Spaghetti!