The Official 'Idea Guy' Thread

Have too many Cool game ideas?
Cannot put them all in your Game?
Well give them away for FREE!!

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Great idea for a thread, (NOT) :mad:

Bit rough, LexLuthor1.

This thread is hilarious just like the old one on the UDK Forums. Ideas are worthless.

Crappy bird - You fly around and **** on people

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Steam Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 but Steampunk

They’re coming bubbles, they’re flying in low, swooping down ****ing on people, and carrying them off to the big **** nest!

Immortal Kombat.

Beat each other senseless for hours until you realise it’s a waste of time. Sit and ponder the meaning of life.

Would be pretty cool where the goal of the game is actual dismemberment. If both players are immortal, the only way to win is to physically destroy them and prevent them from fighting further…

I’d love to see a point and click adventure in UE4, just so I can learn how to do it in blueprint.

Huhuhu. Nice one. x]

The world need an all new kickass MMORPG that will be the next WoW.

A MMORPG with powerful spells and “original” (aka. meaningless) names for classes and races. A huge quantity of maps and scenarios to explore with quests and monsters to kill. But this is just the beginning, because there are lots of features coming soonish, just such as some gorgeous items that can be acquired by real money (this is the way that we’ll make money - YEAH! I already thought in everything) and finally a reimagined PvP system that’ll change the way people know battles in MMOs.

This is just the surface my friend, just the surface. Please, if you have 3D skills or are a full-stack programmer, get in touch to create the next big thing together.

The current incarnation of MMOs are on their way out. The next evolution is merging virtual online worlds, from different MMOs seamless together in real-time to include characters, UIs, and game play mechanics.

I really think that if Everquest Next does half of what they have promised, it will be the next big thing in the MMO world, leaving everything in the dust.
Player driven world and economy, 40 classes with multiclassing to combine them, destructible terrain, emergent AI.

nice thread :slight_smile:


I read about the game, but not so deep. By the bye, seems promising. When it’ll launch? And did you saw Wildstar already? Seems cool as well.

Tomorrow, everquest next LANDMARK launches as closed beta, 20$ if you want to buy a pass, it will be F2P eventually. Its a build only game, think like minecraft in super HD. The cool things that players make in landmark will go to Next, wich is the classic MMO itself. This videw shows what they planned for Next, wich is till more than a year till it launches. This is from the reveal, here they show the world and what they have planned to do.
About Wildstar, looks nice, but ill give it time till i get it.

I heard about that “minecraft in super HD”. This US$20 give me access to the final game by the way? Or just for the Landmark? I’ll watch the videos soonish.

Use of QRCodes in-game with Real-World purpose.

Scan Me!

Loads of games have hidden QR codes in them.

You play a toilet who gets used every day. One day he sees a flyer for a moving about “The amazing flying toilet” and vowed he won’t take anyone’s **** anymore.

So the toilet breaks free from his plumbing to join the circus.

However, as you’ve lost a part of you (The plumbing), you’re slowly dying.

So you need to attack other toilets, kill them and steal their water to survive.

The end of the game is when you arrive at the circus and it turns out only port-a-loos are allowed, so you find a cliff and jump off.

After the credits, you roll onto the shore and a stuck-up toilet collector finds you and the screen fades to black. Then… a fart sound. Then nothing.


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