SPAGHETTI - Ninja Swords, Guns & Monsters & Other S**t!


RIANTH: The opposite ofhumanimal- a human modified by means of animal genome, a type of](Dictionary of nanotechnology - Rianth)neospecies-](Dictionary of nanotechnology - Rianth)

Was originally going to be a Doom Inspired Action Horror FPS Roguelike in which Players assume the role of The RIANTH, A Super Human modified with XNA of a otherworldly Creatures. However, I found myself desiring more features and mechanics similar to a Ninja Action Game.

So I elected to re-theme it to be a Ninja Action Slasher Shooter Hybrid adding more Japanese Samurai/Ninja Lore. Mythology and Visual/Audio Art influences. From this point forward, I will refer to the Player Character as ‘Ninja Rianth’.

As the Ninja Rianth, Players must traverse vertical labyrinthine-style levels, using Ninja Swords/Guns & Magic to battle their way through Eldritch Yokai: Kaiju to Zombie Hordes, and Militarized Mechanized Forces: ExORION Techas, in attempt to collect Ancient Crystals to seal inter-dimensional Portals.


  1. Multi-perspective: True First Person to Third-Person
  2. Co-op & Co-pilot Multiplayer
  3. Procedurally Generated Levels
  4. Dynamic Destruction & Slicing Mechanics
  5. Multi-directional Gravity
  6. Voice Activated Powers
  7. Physics-based Acrobatics
  8. Dual Targeting - Swords/Pistols ( Gun-Kata )
  9. Customizable Weapons/Armor with High Density Modularity


Demonic Entities
Marketplace Asset Kitbashing, Asset Modding, & Procedural Assembly. Adding Samurai/Ninja/Japanese Influences.
We’re Seeking 100 Procedural and Kitbashing 3D Artists. Interested? Lets Discord.

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Modular Sci-Fi Weapon:
The Prime

Felt a burst of Artistic inspiration. Assembled this Weapon inside BP Actor with only Cube and Cylinder Primitive Static Meshes and Instanced Mats from single PBR Mat. This exercise was to help me conceptualize & visualize 1) using high-density kit-bashing method for customization; 2) Complex things can be achieved with lots of primitive shapes; 3) UnrealEngine can be used for content creation itself.

We’re using our construction system to handle all game manual construction, building, customization requirements for Character Armor Sets, Masks, Creatures, Projectile Weapons, Melee Weapons, Vehicles/Crafts, Machines, Architecture, Structures, Props, and Missions/Quest/Puzzle/Interaction.

We have slots opened for any 3D Mechanical Parts Modelers who want to try something different. Help us create Mechanical Parts & Accessories Attachments for this concept.

Experimenting with a Trypophobia Monster concepts:
Mechanical Body Shape + Creepy Organic Materials.

We’re Seeking 100 Modellers & Animators too!

Follow me on Discord.

Fractal Horror . . .

Multiplayer Slicing

for Dynamic Destruction of persons, places, things…

Host Server

Dedicated Server

Multiplayer Realtime

Trajectiles: Multiplayer Spline-driven Projectile System

Sci-fi Pistol Sword ( Weapon Concept In-Engine Previz )

SPAGHETTI: Ninja Animation Collage

The Making of Ninja Rianth
Marketplace Kitbashing & Asset Modding 101

Purchased Cyber Ninja Killer by Oleg Verevkin and Insane Gunner Pack by wemakethegame from Unreal Marketplace.

Retargeted and Applied Cool Animation Pose using Insane Gunner Pack.

Dissected/Removed Arms & Eye Polygons in Blender DCC.

Added Modular Mechanical Arm from UE4 Modular Mann, Eye Meshes (Sphere Primitive Static Mesh), & Custom PistolSwords (The Fire Glaives).

Transformed the Skeletal Shape using Bone Transformorphing with Morpheus Transformorph Subsystem.


Green Yokai
Marketplace Kitbashing & Asset Modding 101

Purchased Twig People from Unreal Marketplace.

Modified Twig Material to use Wireframe for greater ‘fiber’ complexity.

Added simple Sphere with Emissive Material for ‘All Seeing Eye’

Transformed the Skeletal Shape using Bone Transformorphing with Morpheus Transformorph Subsystem.


KitBashing MECHAs WITH Transformorph AND Adrian M’s Basic Robot S01

Cascadeur - 3D animation software for physics-based character animation for Cyber Ninjas!


[Integrating Ninja Character Plugin for Multi-directional Gravity]

(Ninja Character Plugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) + Custom Physics-based Acrobatics Subsystem.

Today I Started Prototyping “Kungata - A New form of Stylized Parkour Gunkata” Semi Procedural Acrobatics using Active Ragdoll + Physical Animation + Parkour Animation Montages + IK Dual Wielding/Aim

Another Game Project that I cannot seem to let rest-in-peace. LOL. Acquired additional UMP Assets, I believe will rekindle my development goals for SPAGHETTI. As much as I desire prioritize Multiplayer Game development, I continuously envision this one as a Single Player Story-driven experience.

What I exactly want this to be is also very foggy. At this point, I have a small list of features scribbled on a napkin:

Dual Pistol and Blade Wielding / Gunkata
Cool Pistols & Sword / Pistol-Sword Combo
Parkour / Acrobatics / Active Ragdoll blends
Various forms of Bullet Time


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