The new UOL - issues and requests: course filtering, quizzes, badges, favorites, authors,

Hi there!

First of all, a big thank you for the team responsible for the Dev Community. I really appreciate your hard work! :smiley:

I miss some features from the old, and would like to know if they might be implemented in the new Dev Community. I’ll throw in a few issues I’ve found as well.

  1. As mentioned in other threads (e.g., Content Library Filter to Hide Completed Courses?, Save for Later & Completed Tags for Learning Section), it would be great to have a filter in the Learning Library to include/exclude courses we have completed, favorited, liked or somehow marked as “not interested in”. Fortunately, I found out this is already being worked on.

  2. I can see some of the “badges” (aka achievements) from the old portal on the new one at<my username>/badges, but it currently shows only 60 of the 77 badges I got. Seems like this data was copied when the new portal was released. But most importantly, it does not include any badges from courses completed in the new portal, so this data is not helpful to find out what courses I have or haven’t completed yet. I would be nice to have a page where we could see our completed courses, including date of completion.

  3. Courses in the old portal included quizzes and other interactive sections that are currently missing in the new portal. Any plans to bring them back (even in a simplet form)? I believe that quizzing is a good tool to verify and solidify learned content.

  4. In the new portal I can “like” and “favorite” either and entire course or just one course module. I really like this new higher level of granularity, but the implementation has issues:

    • It seems I can only favorite a course from the Learning Library page.
      If I search for a course, I can see it in the search results, but cannot favorite the entire course. When I open the link in the results, I can only favorite the first module, not the course.

    • If I favorite a module, it can end up being listed just as “Introduction To The Course” or some not very descriptive name (because it is out of context). Perhaps it would be interesting to include in the favorites list the name (and link) to the full course of the module.

    • If I open a course module from the favorites (e.g., Introduction to the Course | Tutorial), I can’t see the other modules of the course (as when I open Blueprints and Gameplay for Game Designers | Course). It would be much more useful to be able to see all modules in the course.

  5. I can see my favorites from the “Favorites” link (available on all pages of the Dev Community), but I could not find a way to see or filter “liked” items.

  6. I cannot see who was the author of a course, and cannot filter courses by author.

Sorry for the long post! Still, if you want more details, please let me know.



Thanks for your time in compiling this post! I’ve shared with some team members.

Some of these are addressed in a post here.