Content Library Filter to Hide Completed Courses?

Hi all,

I completed half of UELearn courses, now I noticied that is hard to filter courses that I didn’t enroll yet.

Feels like Content Library is missing a filter like “New”, or perhaps “Hide Completed Courses”, to display only the courses that I’m still need to learn.

Right now I need to keep My Completed Courses in a browser tab and Content Library in other tab to look up if I already done those courses or not.


There is a workaround.
You can add the ones you completed to the favorites.

A blue heart will appear then you know you have completed it. Also there’s a filter favorites yes/no.


Thanks for the suggestion, I thought about this workaround too.

I also used the favorites to tag my completed courses in the old content library, but unfortunately there is currently no way to filter favorited or completed courses in the new learning library.

I just sent Epic a feature request (via Feedback button in the learning library page) to enable this kind of filtering. If anyone else wants the same, please upvote this thread and send your feedback to Epic as well.

EDIT: I noticed a few other interesting, related things:

  • I can see some of the “badges” (aka achievements) from the old portal on the new one at<my username>/badges, but it currently shows only 60 of the 77 badges I got. Seems like this data was copied when the new portal was released. Also, it does not include any badges from courses completed in the new portal, so this data is not very helpful to find out what courses I have done or haven’t yet.
  • Courses in the old portal included quizzes and other interactive sections that are currently missing in the new portal (probably due to the platform change).
  • I can “like” and “favorite” a course module in the new portal, but not an entire course. While this new higher level of granularity is very welcomed, some favorites end up being listed just as “Introduction To The Course”, so using favorites this way to tag completed courses is more challenging.
  • I can see my favorites from the “Favorites” link (available on all pages of the Dev Community), but I could not find a way to see or filter “liked” items.