The new sticky bar at the top of the site is really pretty...

… and HUGE. It must be me, but it annoys the hell out of me. Is there any way to get rid of it, I don’t mind scrolling back up if I need something. Or at least make it smaller? :o


I am having issues with your spacing on top of the documentation page:

(I am using Firefox)
Also if you click on the select box of the “What’s new” page the bar shows this weird behavior:

I agree that it does seem a bit large but that might just be because I’m used to the old one, after a bit of an adjustment period I’ll probably stop noticing. I’d also like to point out that Fortnite is misspelled in the Epic Games dropdown

Could you add some way to close the bar out? It’s nice but it gets annoying after a while.

The problem is VBulletin forums look like an IFrame, design-UI are totally different.

I do like the dark approach, home page looks kinda bad IMO.

problem is this bar limiting frame, i really dont like it, forum now really unpleasant to read.

Takes up way too much screen real estate!

Yeah the size of it is quite annoying, especially because it stays at the top of the page as well. Would prefer it if it went away.

Looks cool but there is no functionality with it

Its gone :frowning:

Depends on where you click.
For me, it comes and goes.
In the “” forum screen, its there, but browsing to a subforum makes it disappear.
Browse to the forum list with the “big” button (between “Whats new” and “Answerhub”), its there again.
If you click on the forum-path (above the user tag section), it keeps being away…

I’m using desktop version of the forum on mobile and that bar takes away like 20% of space… Honestly don’t see a purpose of having it in the first place. Maybe intent is to simplify navigation but I don’t see myself frequently jumping from BP section of forum to the front page of Paragon and as such this doesn’t look too practical. Just eats up already limited screen space.

Now it seemingly arbitrarily appears and disappears on pages. I just blocked ‘#epicGamesNavigation’ and it is gone for good.

I’ve experienced the same as VRLtqq, even on the website which makes it difficult to navigate it at times.

Eww, this thing is enormous and blocks the view of actual content.
Also I don’t get why this padding is so big. And Epic games logo already contains arrow at the bottom - why there is another one right beneath it which takes 40px of white space?

You can’t even click in the forum “notifications button” because open the seller website from the top box…

Not sure why Epic Games made a copy paste of that bar from the Cryengine website…

IT also has tiny thin and very badly antialiased font here, almost unreadable.

How does one get to “New Posts” and “Activity Stream” ?

I guess that has been optimized away to improve the Unreal Engine Forum user expierience :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto, though I blocked “”.