The new sticky bar at the top of the site is really pretty...

How does one get to “New Posts” and “Activity Stream” ?

I guess that has been optimized away to improve the Unreal Engine Forum user expierience :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto, though I blocked “”.

This should be fixed shortly. An unrelated error was causing it to cover up a small portion of the content.

I used this exclusively, probably will be here less now. Most forums I go to I search by new posts - especially ones where people need help.

I see these links at the top of the forum pages.


Are you not seeing them?

No. Don’t see them. I’m on Chrome.

I do see them on Microsoft Edge.


Does seem to be a chrome/webkit issue. Firefox seems to be ok.

The new banner still doesn’t work in Chrome… For me that’s a strategic advantage :stuck_out_tongue:

Why isn’t fixing the Forums-Search a higher priority than changing the banner…?

@Jeff_Wilson @Adam_Davis [MENTION=4894]Tim Hobson[/MENTION] [MENTION=14973]Chance Ivey[/MENTION] [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

#1. [FONT=Arial Black]This error gets returned even for a Title-Only Search using just one Forum or one Prefix…
[Same error if you specify 10 replies and include a username in the search]…[URL Searching is broken too]
[Note, not every common-word string-quoted search produces this error. So maybe there’s a forum-word-block-list…???]

Search: “landscape components”

The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: 
"landscape components"

Search: “blueprint corruption”

The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: 
"blueprint corruption"

Search: URL

The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: 

Goal: Find threads titled [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Universe, but ignore [FONT=Comic Sans MS]University or [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Universal etc…
So search for Universe but eliminate all posts with University and Universal or similar or related words… 
Problem: Even if you choose ‘Search Titles Only’, the system buries you in irrelevant posts.
‘Exact name’ only applies to usernames, so there needs to be an [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Exact Keywords option!

Adding a plus [FONT=Comic Sans MS]+ before a word or a minus [FONT=Comic Sans MS]- as an Include / Exclude filter as per Google / DuckDuckGo, doesn’t work either, and those would be handy.

If you opt to search via Google / DuckDuckGo you can use include / exclude filters like those below… But using external search engines also means you lose direct filters like date / by-title / number-of-replies etc, so that’s not the answer either.

Google: +universe -university -universal +threads

Exact String search doesn’t work: Search on [FONT=Comic Sans MS]“Press 1”, Titles-Only returns this.
[Pattern matching / Wild cards also don’t work, which would be a nice feature]

Search: username: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]franktech, keywords: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]view
[Results in a list that isn’t sorted properly by date… Username posting-date or the last-user-who-posted-date doesn’t explain it either.]
[But repeating the search using either username or keyword but not both, works as expected.]

There are frequent calls to create sub-forums… But if we had more than just one save-search-preference, we could set-up customized filters in conjunction with the filtering options above to achieve the same thing. Overall, the forums are saturated with really useful info, but its increasingly hard to find it against all the noise, especially when there’s no tools to help!

I can see New Posts, etc. just fine on Chrome, Windows 10.

I can see new posts (didn’t work yesterday) and my Epic Games dropdown doesn’t work.
Using IE11

Hey everyone!

We’re looking into the issues that the changes to the navigation bar is having and progress has been swift. Thank you all for letting us know about the errors that are happening and all the details about browsers/OS selections. You can expect to see updates soon to address what has been happening.

@franktech: These are really good pieces of feedback for the forums in general. I’m working now with [MENTION=49]Adam Davis[/MENTION] and the online team to get the functionality problems addressed and also look into new features to make the search/filters not be a headache. It’s really valuable information, so please let me know if you think of anything else that isn’t going as smoothly as it could be.

Will do… thanks for listening Alex!

Can now see New Posts and What’s New bars below the new banner, in Chrome.

I like the bar, but you should now redesign the whole forum to make it visually match the bar. :slight_smile:

I like the way it looks. I also love the new blue colors in the seller profile.

But +1 ^

A new forum design matching it would be fantastic.
I really like the Crydev design I wish we get something better too. :slight_smile:

No, please don’t change the forum design, its perfect the way it is now :slight_smile: I have also blocked that sticky header with ublock, it takes way too much space and I would never really use it in the forums.


After that bar, I am afraid of what comes next lol. Right now it is perfectly usable.

Well, it’s kinda match. Actually, now everything matches dark theme of Edge so I’m happy xD