The Monolith

Hello everyone!

Next week…

Our Team is simply present you, our new content - The Monolith

Ok and so, what is the Monolith?

  1. Monolith - 220 HQ seamless 2K texture on theme brick, concrete, plaster, tiles and so on., and of course it’s **ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  2. Monolith - 60 Instance Materials with Diffuse, Normal and Roughness maps

  3. Monolith - in addition to textures in project are attached all the original files and projects. Are Substance Designer project files, Houdini project files, and not big demoscene.
    All will allow you to create a 100 and 1000 of iterations species stone surface, and we hope, novice users to quickly learn in the production of textures.

  4. All content are absolutely original, and there was never ever used, is made exclusively for the community Unreal Engine 4.
    For novice users, for proffesional users, for all who use UE4.

License terms: Free for Commercial use.

We sincerely hope, that our content is a little help for novice users in an effort to produce high quality and beautiful next-gen game.

Best wishes!

Team, Team

is excellent! Thanks for all you do for the community!

Btw, what license are these being distributed under? Are we allowed to use these in commercial products or is it strictly non-commercial?

Wow looks awesome! So will be released next week? I cant wait to use some of those materials!

Hi! Guys, of course for commercial use, our license the most friendly on the planet.
Called - gift :slight_smile:
It’s just our humble gift, for beautiful community and all those who work with engine.
Just Enjoy, and relax for game production!:smiley:
We love engine, we love community.

p.s. yep, in next week, i think, monday or tuesday

Oh wow! Thank you so much for !

Thank you very much for !!! is really very useful to the community

Holy **** looks amazing, I can’t wait to see what’s inside it, thank you so much for releasing to the community for free :open_mouth:

Thank you guys, we fully agree with your opinion!

If your projects, needs a high-quality stones texture, i think pack to cope with your task.
Incidentally, is only the first pack.
Not all at once, Next will be much interesting…

We want that to developers who, for various reasons, unable to purchase premium content.
But they want to make beautiful and interesting games, could have the same level of content as “premium developers” who for various reasons have the opportunity to pay for content.

Best Regards!

is brilliant, kudos to you guys!

Great job is really nice.Telepot me to the next week :P.

So, awesome, thanks !

is amazing! Thank you!

Wow, thanks for the amazing work you’re doing! Looks fantastic, can’t wait for the release!

Just buy the subtance designer.

Very generous, thanks!

thank u Dneproman

I have completed work on content. Today I will upload it to the my Dropbox or Mega and to share with you the link! :slight_smile:
Best wishes.

Hello Dneproman!
Your materials looks amazing!

Wow pack is awesome! I think we should start making a list of all those packs, like the PurplePrint pack from @Hevedy.

Can’t wait for dude! Thanks! :slight_smile: And I agree with Moss :wink: