The Monolith

In this video you’re see a full Matinee demo, inside - The Monolith project

And guys, i’m sorry, but for unknown reasons to me, I have difficulty uploading a file to a network, constantly broken link or unresponsive computer…

I hope in the next day, is to decide and i ofcourse share the link :slight_smile:

Best Wishes!

Now released!

I finally upload project Monolith.
And i happy to share this with you :slight_smile:!eUtx1Y7Z!EB3eaUbeWajn5sD3DGEtpsr6E4WfNjugBSCJtCJnYBs

Simply downloading and use for your best game projects!
It’s fully Free for all you commercial project, not royalty and etc.

Best Wishes for all Unreal Engine developers, and all users who use this beautiful and powerful engine.

Wow this looks awesome!! Thank you guys once again, great work! :slight_smile:

And you weren’t kidding when you said Monlith, 3.85 gb! I’d say the name is pretty accurate :wink:

Thanks DotCam! :smiley:

Epic Games made this technology are open and very affordable price, this will always be much more, than we can give.
I sincerely admire this company and the people who work on improving it, great people!

And I want announcing, we are now completing work on our new content, its weight will be around 10Gb
Code name - The Interstellar
I plan to release it next month…

Thank you all for your support and your interest, I hope many UE users use our content in their projects and quality will suit them.
We sincerely wish to Community UE was the coolest, and here any novice user would be able to find a quality, free content that would allow them to quickly develop their game.

The generosity of your team is on par with their skill.

Thanks for share Material files…

Once again a big big thanks for this awesome gift ^^

Thanks for sharing, it´s amazing :wink:

Super awesome. Thanks a lot!!!

Wow! Epic thanks to you! Are they PBR?

Thank you so much for this! It’s definitely going to save my team a lot of time!

Rather than release a pile of textures, why not just release the substances? Unreal 4 has a substance plugin, so you can generate the textures at run time or within the editor.

Very cool! Already have 28Gb of texture library, but bookmarking this… Art is never too much :wink:

I could not get to iterate over 5 textures, with one .sbsar inside UE Editor
When I try iterate over 5, the texture was not displayed, just black color
instead texture.

This project includes the original 2K .PNG all textures, so letting users decide what to do with it.

Also they can be used and models from the project, if someone this seem useful.
Or just load into your project the original texture.
Or try using .sbsar iterated texture inside the engine.
All this is in the archives.

wow thanks!

Dude, this is absolutely amazing!

As someone just starting out, this is gonna be seriously helpful! I’m not that great at texturing, so this’ll definitely help me get my first game out there!

Speechless!! Thank you so much Dneproman and team this is fantastic!! Thanks to Epic and the awesome community!!! Wooohooo!! :wink:

As a total newcommer to UE4 and game development in general this is both extremely useful and inspiring.
Thank you!

Great work here, buddy! Thanks so much for releasing it free for everyone, that’s powerful stuff.

Beyond impressive. Thanks a million for this.