The mannequin's torso stretches

Using the Mixamo Converter with Mixamo, downloading the animation and importing it into the mannequin will stretch the torso.
How do you fit the animation?
Thank you.


This looks to me like a retargeting error. You might have mixed up a skeleton or Mixamo created its own bone. Your other Animations seem to be working fine. Do they originate from the same skeleton/mesh?

I once had the problem with Mixamo, that it rigged my character sliiiightly differently, after adjusting a tiny thing on the mesh. But this small difference was enough to throw off the animation big time.

Yeah, re-do the process, but be careful which skeleton you use.

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thank you for your answer.
Yes. Those skeleton meshes are of the same origin.
When I did exactly the same operation on UE4, the torso did not stretch.
At that time, no strange message log came out.
Is it because the model used in the mixer converter is different from the new model in UE5?

Well to make sure, you can export the Lyra model and upload that to Mixamo and apply the animation. See if that makes any difference.

This is usually an easy fix:

  • Set everything to Skeleton (you can right the root bone and set all children recursively to skeleton)
  • Set IK Bones and Root to Animation
  • Set Pelvis to Animation Scaled

This is usually enough to fix that kind of stretch



Thank you Ares! I could not find any helpful information anywhere. This fixed my issue right up.

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Thank you for this!!

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