The Lost Pisces - A new approach to AI

We just launched the kickstarter for The Lost Pisces

We’ve been working for a few years on this project. Originally using unity, but completely overhauled and brought it over to Unreal Engine 4. We’re a small team and Unreal has really allowed us to bring the Lead Artists Vision to life. Below are our first two videos showcasing our Teams Vision. While there is a good chunk of content, we are still very much in the early Conceptual Prototype Phase. We are hoping to get funded to move the prototypes into a real consumer product.

In addition to Unreal Engines Core features, we’ve been working with Opaque Media and their Kinect 4 Unreal Plugin


The following video is our conceptual idea mocked up in Unreal Engine as a proof of concept. We are utilizing a lot of emerging technologies and Unreal Engine was a way for us to start laying out the core essence of Pisces. We need support to bring this idea to the gamer and we want to do this in a way that is very collaborative with the community that backs us.


At it’s core, The Lost Pisces relies on Procedural Emotional AI. Our concept is to create AI that is procedural and always developing in game. The best experience we have mocked up so far is using Kinect 4 Unreal to give our engine one avenue of input for the player. While the camera input is going to be an element of our game, the environment and choices the player makes play an equally important role. All of these elements will help develop the Procedural Emotional AI as the game is played. We will continue to develop the core essence of our game around technologies that help connect as many players to Pisces as we can.

Because when we began Pisces, we wanted to give the gamer a new experience with AI. We’ve seen graphics get substantially better. We’ve seen action evolve and new interactive peripherals emerge. We’ve seen smarter logic AI, but we wanted to bring more focus to the characters emotions? The human being connects to characters. It’s through characters that we relate to a story. And so we wanted to make a character that gamers fall in love with… because she grows to understand you. We wanted to create an Emotional focused AI.


The Lost Pisces is a new path to gameplay. At a top level the game will play like a third person adventure style game. We blur the line of strategy, open world exploration, and elements of a FPS. But the core essence of The Lost Pisces gameplay is around building a relationship with Pisces, using an Emotional AI concept. Pisces will act as a compass to the gamer, and through your interactions you will shape her perception. It is her perception of you that is the core game mechanic to our story.


We have a vision for a new path for how we interact with a story and it’s characters. We have been fortunate to have the right core team with the right skills to get us this far. But it still is a conceptual prototype. We’re serious about what we put out into the world, and we wanted to make sure our ideas had a solid base before we reached out to the community. Now we have finally gotten to that point and that is why we need help. We want those who support us to also help us map out the path forward. To shape the path to reach as many gamers as possible, we need to fund the next stages of development. This includes bringing on additional talent to help us move our prototype into a full fledged game. In addition we’re trying to utilize developing technologies and funding can help us push for those technologies to move forward. We want to grow our Emotional AI into a serious new path for story telling. With funding we can take these next steps.

Theres much work in this already :3 But i dont think that the concept is quiet a deal… The trailer was just, well i still dont know what this is XD
The Lipsynch of her is extrem bad XD But u did good with the graphical style!

Nice trailer!!!
Graphics is very good
Good job and good luck guys!!!

Looks great! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Looking good!

You should really include a direct link to your Kickstarter campaign in the video description and in posts like this :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! I adjusted the link in the video description.

Just an FYI we are having a Q and A session coming up and would love to hear if that helps clear up confusion about the game. If your interested in learning more about it. Follow us on twitter @sirenumPISCES

And we agree about the lip-sync. We were really excited with our in game logic controlling it, that I think we overlooked some quality elements. We’ve fixed that and are updating the video soon.

looks interesting, some things in the video looks awesome the large robot is very cool, reminds me of Mass effect. but some of the movement with the player/AI looks very odd, almost comical.
one question is how far is this away from completion.

I’s a nice game. Does the game have shortcuts keys to make emotions instead of kinect ?

Thanks for the suggestions, we have been closely monitoring all feedback and thinking about all suggestions. We are working on cleaning up the animations. We also tried to clear up how our use of Kinect in game is a more passive approach, as seen in our latest update video on the site. Anyways, since 4.8 came out today we thought we would share some stills we did using the latest version. We have Pisces underwater and above water (because we wanted to get her out of dark depths of the Ocean for a change)