The landscape of the USA

Hello everyone, We need a landscape of the state of Minnesota (USA) with real maps of heights and texture of Google maps (for the convenience of building roads, cities, etc.) with the ability to add other states in the future and build the entire US map. We are ready to pay for such a landscape if you know how to do it and are ready to help us, please let us know, our mail is

Ok. There’s a few problems.

#1 - You are in the wrong section of the forums.

#2 - The area of Minnesota is 225,163 km^2, the area of a UE4 world (at normal scale) is 25 km^2. You will likely need many landscape tiles, rather than a single landscape of Minnesota.

and btw, it’s illegal to use google satellite images in that way .

Hello, Thanks for the answer. Is there a lesson how can create large landscapes with real maps of heights?

as far as I know, from Google, it is possible to purchase a paid license, in case of commercial use of their images)
search ue4 landscape live training
try a single city first.