The Introduce Yourself Thread!

As we now have a section for such stuff I think it would be cool to know a little bit more about your guys. So when you like, post a little bit about yourself → hobbies, experience, favourite food… everything is allowed :stuck_out_tongue:

I will start :wink:

I’m Philipp (aka fighter5347 - MetalGameStudios) a 18 year old economics student from Austria which does game development in his spare time (sometimes even during school :p). Around 2 years ago I started doing some stuff with UDK but after some few days I nearly gave up, because everything was so confusing ^^ Luckily I found the old epic games forum and there I got plenty of help from some experienced UDK users (geodav, darthviper107, TheAgent -> thank you guys ;)). Right after I have made some small games with UDK I stared to be active in the forum, because in my opinion that’s the best way to learn new stuff (

Now to keep it short: After some time I got access to the UE4 beta - made some stuff with it and now I’m here in the forum + developing a small game with my team: :slight_smile:

I have experience with:

-3ds max
-and other small programs ^^

Now it’s your turn!

Nice idea for the thread , right on time , I was bored right now :slight_smile:

I’m Michal 20 years old IT university student from Poland whose dream is to get in some game dev studio as environment artist .
Started using UDK few years ago , nearly completed one project which i left after 2 years .
It was a nice experience where i learnt how to fail .

The software I am using in my workflow is :

And by the way that project of yours is looking great so far Fighter ^^

Hello! I’m David, And I’m a total noob of game making and 3d modeling, But I was a HUGE gamer and always wanted to build a game but never went to school for it. I have learned a lot the past few weeks. I live in Louisiana.

My workflow is :

substance designer
substance painter
After effects

Hello everyone,

I am Satheesh PV, 26 years old freelancer from South India :D. Started using UDK from Nov 2011 and i developed some tools for UDK Community (Unreal X-Editor, Wizard, Customizer etc) and the journey with Unreal Technology still continues (and will forever). At the moment i am making some projects with Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints (See my sig).

I have experience with:

Unreal Engine 4
After effects
Edge Animate

My name is Benjamin I am from Utah, United States. I am 26 years old Started using UDK when it first came out. I love everything procedural and open source technology. I have a strong love for games and the game industry which will be apparent if you ever talk with me. I try to be positive in everything that I do. :slight_smile:

I have experience with:

Source Engine
Unreal Engine 4
3ds Studio Max

Im Meathead I come from Australia and you will have to ask me if you want to know more :smiley: haha

Marco (20) from Austria working full time on StoneRage and I do like fitness, women, and video games, hahah. My favourite games are -> MGS4, GTA V, The Witcher 2, Anno 2070, Medieval II: Total War, hehe. Cheerz!

Been around here a while now but why not…

I’m James from Plymouth in the UK, and I too cannot pronounce my alias and have no idea where it came from. I’m 24 and up until 2/3 months ago was a freelance/hobbyist developer. Recently I’ve managed to get involved with a super-rad program called Alacrity in Falmouth, and am working on a real (and innovative) project with three others. There are a total of 20 people at Alacrity this year and I’m the go-to Unreal 4 guy right now, even doing workshops on it in a couple of weeks (you hearing that Epic ;))

I’ve worked on or been part of the team for a couple of titles. The Somme, Dead Crusade, Bionite: Origins (a long time ago), and some TBA projects of my own. I actually did my degree in Sound Engineering but also looked into Game Development in my spare time since around 2004, then more directly in 2009 when the UDK was released. I think I put more effort into personal game projects than I did my Degree :smiley: I was also granted UE4 beta access back in Sept/October time, and managed to get a couple of bugs fixed prior to public release.

I’m primarily an FX/Particle & Technical/Shader Artist, but a bit of a jack of all trades. Lots of experience with audio of course, along with project management, level/game/gameplay design, documentation, 3D Modelling/Textures, the list goes on. I’m now taking up C++ and Programming so I can effectively become a one-man army. I come from a modding background, so my approach to everything is to just jump in and get busy, IMO it’s the best way to learn which is why I rarely tutorialize anything I do (that and laziness).

Outside of that I’m also the drummer for this band, and have played all over the UK with some other metal bands too.


Experienced with the following:
3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox
After Effects
Pro Tools, Cubase & Reaper

I’d quite like to add Quixel & PopcornFX to this list!

I’m Kammeron but people just call me Kam. I love programming and creating games, music, women lol, and playing sports (basketball, football, & skateboarding). I was coding my own engine for a game I am working on (had deferred rendering and stuff finished), but then for the sake of time, I made the switch to Unreal Engine 4 and I am loving it! I still plan to finish my engine in the future though.

I have experience with:

Unreal Engine 4
Source SDK
Visual Studio (C++, C#)
3DS Max
Logic, Reason, & FL Studio

I’m Dominik (“Sleicreider” / “Slei”) from Austria. I’m 20 years old and went to a Higher Technical Institute in Austria(Styria) where I’ve gained all my software development knowledge :>.
2 years ago I’ve started with Game Development using Java / C++ & OpenGL for Android phones and PC(linux & windows). My final end project in school was to create a little Game Engine with Java + OpenGL ES for android.
Until now I worked 1 month as C# Software Developer (summer job) and 6~Months as C/C++ software developer (intralogistics , Linux & Oracle DB).
As current occupation I’m working as Mobile Games Developer (C++ - Android & IOs).
2 Weeks ago I bought the unreal engine 4, and I’m quite happy to have it, because it made my life much easier :>

Beside programming I’m also a passionate gamer and atm my favourite game is Dota 2.

I have advanced knowledge in following areas:


Software Development,
Oracle/MySql Database,
Project Development,
Game Development, OpenGL,
Android Game Development , OpenGL ES,
Mobile Computing/Development (Android),


So, okay… I’m James from Kalmar, Sweden. I started programming on a VIC-20 at the age of 14, when the machine in question was still really new on the market, so this should let you approximate my age with some degree of accuracy. Later on I picked up an Atari 520 before eventually homing in on the PC platform in the early/mid 90s. At some point in 1999 I got into 3D modeling using Blender, but a few years later I abandoned it in favour of Cinema4D (at R8.5 if I remember correctly). Recently started using Maya LT quite a lot.

Most of my 3D work has been in the non-realtime realm: modeling, rigging, animation, rendering and compositing, mostly for fun, but occasionally as a freelancing technical artist on various broadcast projects (TV commercials and similar junk… hm, wow, that was a long long time ago by now!) At any rate, mostly work that involves counting minutes or hours per frame rather than milliseconds.

Anyway, as realtime 3D tech gradually got closer to offline rendering quality, I started developing some game ideas back in 2007, and begun prototyping some stuff in another engine (no, not that one) but never really got very far with it. Then I switched to UE4 in late april this year, and development picked up speed like crazy.

Outside of 3D and development, I occasionally make music (guitar, bass, synths), and frequently take long and fast bicycle rides, or go for a run. A bit of a movie buff with a preference for directors like David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Andrei Tarkovsky etcetera. Really enjoy books by Umberto Eco. Occasionally treat myself to some mathematics, philosophy, cake, beer, and things that are coloured teal blue. Musical preferences range from Meshuggah, Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy to Shostakovich, Mahler and Beethoven.

Primary tools:
Maya LT
Cinema 4D

Secondary tools:
Softimage XSI
After Effects

Programming languages:

Oh, and I’m a completely asocial hermit in the offline realm.

hi :smiley:

im jamel (Kit as my friends call me) im 21 and just about as average as it gets D:

i got my hands on UDK around mid 2012 and played with it like a child to a new toy but never created anything sadly

but with UE4 i have taken far more step then i ever thought i would and i’m currently working on a science-fantasy game of my own as a way of learning UE4 and along the way C++ as well. this has also led to me picking up a few side skills as time goes on :slight_smile:

i have minor experience with:

Krita (no photoshop for me, but this is a great alternative and honestly i like it more)
Visual studio (C++)

oh forgot to mention i start college this winter and im going for my bachelors in computer science :slight_smile:

I guess it’s my turn now :wink:

I’m Manuel, 19 years old, living in the district of Krems in Austria.
Programming (especially Game Development) is my favourite hobby since I was 15 years old.
I’m also interested in IT-Security.

Atm I’m working full-time in an office - but not as a programmer.
My main goal for the future is to begin studying at a university, get my bachelor in computer science and to become a full-time programmer.

I subscribed to UE4 about 3-4 weeks ago and currently I try my best to get better.
Luckily the UE4 community is very nice and helps out everywhere.

Major experience with:

  • Java
  • JavaScript

Minor experience with:

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • SQL
  • PHP


I’ll go now…

My name is Ben, I’m 28 and live in the UK. By day I guess Im a Software Engineer working in Defence Electronics and by night I’m starting on a game with a friend of mine, going to start of small and build it up.

I always wanted to work in Game Dev for as long as I can remember but I have the Artistic talent of a dead fish so took the Job offer in Defence. I spent many an hour creating levels in the original StarCraft map editor though now that Epic are just half an hour away in Guildford I might have to see if they’ll invite me over to hang out and play :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a little experience in Unity previous to UE4, I can programme in C++, Java, C# as well as various other Web based languages.

Hi there,

My name is David, a guy living in Barcelona (Spain). I’m a total noob in game design or developing, I tried Unity free but there is something in its workflow I don’t like.

When I read that for 20$/mo I could make use of the Unreal Engine I was totally WTFed and just joined. I’ve been a fan of the Unreal Engine since I played the original Unreal and I couldn’t give up this opportunity.

And Blueprints… that is just mindblowing. For guys like me that don’t have coding experience is a game changer, I can just focus in developing the project without worrying about programming.

I’m sure that thanks to UE4 now I can take all the ideas I’ve had in my mind forever and make them reality, and it’s going to be VERY exciting!


My name is Leonid, 31 years old, i live in the Ukraine. I’m TD in indie FunBit studio.

In my work i used this software:

Houdini - procedural modeling for game and cinema production, sculpting, shader experience
SpeedTree - faster trees generator
Terragen - procedural planet generator, shader experience, spherical planet panorama
Mari -UV Texture Painting for game and cinema production

Photoshop - interface prototyping, painting
Nuke - procedural image and texture edition, vfx, sprite animation
Substance Design - procedural 2D texture generator and .sbsar material function

For Audio Production i used:

NI Reactor - procedural music creation
SoundForge - sound mastering and edition
FL Studio - simply use like vst host

and also i used
TCL scripting for Nuke
HScript for Houdini

and of course UE for our game project :slight_smile:

Best regards, for all Team.

I’m Tom Lindén, 23 years old from Sweden.
I’ve used UDK for a couple of years and naturally switched to UE4 when it was released.

For a while now me and my tiny team have been developing Project: Redfield and I’m mainly working with 3D assets and characters + animations, 2D texturing, Levelbuilding, Shaders, and various other stuff.

I’m currently building a huge island on which the game will take place called Chi Yu.

Hi am Accell and i live in the UK.

I am a beginner/novice just coming into the gaming industry. Gaming is something that is part of my life that i highly value.

I’ve had a experience with programming to understand it good enough but to me using libraries to create pseudo engines and waiting for your game to compile just seemed boring and tedious and very very annoying to me. There are game engines created by experts which accelerate the workflow and productivity of the game one would want to make. So for a year now, I’ve been spending most of the year using DX11 and some other libraries such as PhysX and etc. and it just got no-where at all. So i decided to use a game engine. UDK didn’t have, in my opinion a good enough documentation. Unity 3D caught my interest. However, the documentation was kind of scattered and their tutorials are no-where near as good as Epic’s.

So then i saw UE4. Amazing. I was amazed by this. The price and license are honestly a bargain and an phenomenal deal. Tutorials are top notch and very newbie friendly. The BP system is amazingly well done and i don’t have to worry about writing thousand lines of code. The UI is much better. The Documentation is very helpful. The community (Although I’ve been lurking) is fantastic.

I just have to say, EPIC you truly did an EPIC! Job with UE4. UE4 gives me a chance to create something amazing without stress and gives me a good chance to create a game well.

Currently I am learning Maya but i have had a chance to play with Unreal and it is an A+++ quality engine.


 My name is Zahvone, born and raised in USA. I've been playing video games as a hobby and a bond with my brothers and father since the age of 4 (yeah, early). I'm now 20 years old and enjoying the Unreal Engine, it's like a shiny set of legos (No joke). I've always expressed interest in the gaming industry, as a writer, an artist, sound engineering, and voice acting. I think it's all really fun! I find that the blueprint system is *exceptional* and at some point I had a epiphany! It's actually C++ and my brain almost melted. I had a way better understanding of the engines backbone at this point.

I have (some) experience with:

-Audobe Audition
-Speed tree

What are your favorite games? Do you remember the first one you’ve ever played? The first two I ever played was Crash Bandicoot on the PSX, and Tenchu on the PSX, both of which defined me as a player and would have influence over my future projects!

Hey everyone,

UndeadUrsine here, pleasure to meet you all! I’ve been in the industry officially since about February, though I went to Fullsail for my degree in Game Design and graduated last November (a relief, I assure you!). My hobbies are a bit extensive but the short list is: Gaming and Game Design (the obvious), reading, writing (fiction and poetry), cooking, and philosophical or political debate. I’ve been using UE4 since I was able to get my hands on it and absolutely love it! The best thing about it by far is blueprints, as I was fairly familiar with Unrealscript and Kismet though I have never been exceptionally talented with coding, blueprints has given me the ability to see my ideas come to life! Currently I’m working on a few different mechanics that are coming along nicely. I do want to say that all of the help and support I see on these forums has been nothing if not exceptional.

My design interests are primarily level design and game mechanics, though I dabble in material editing, storyboarding, theory, destructible objects, and particle systems(Ok, to be honest with particle systems I mostly hit my head on the wall and hope something comes of it). I’m starting to learn some 3D modelling and UV unwrapping and thoroughly enjoying it no matter how hacky my objects are! I look forward to getting to know the community as a whole and continuing my journey through this field. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make an MMORPG!

Finally, to answer RikimaruKF, the first game I was ever given the chance to play was Robotrek on the Super Nintendo. I was 7 and became hooked on the entirety of gaming from then on. For favorite games I see that as a bit of a loaded question ;). My current favorite is League of Legends, which I’ve been playing for a little over 2 years now. My favorite games of all time are Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, and the Mass Effect series. I also play a mean Astaroth on Soul Caliber 4.