The integration of the grass with the landscape

Hello dear UE4 artists. Today I will tell you about a problem I have been experiencing for years and I will listen to the solution suggestions from you.
I add grass and various greens to my land, but these are very grinning. The grass does not seem to be coming off the ground, but as if it is placed on it by force, so there is no integrity. I used “DitherTemporalAA” to achieve this integrity, but I still haven’t achieved the effect I want yet. Would you help me with this topic?
I share with you the visuals of the grass on my stage.


As you can see in the images, the grass does not fully integrate with the land, one of the reasons for this is that it looks like shadows, but when you remove the shadows, it looks very bad. Frankly, I couldn’t find a solution. What do you think about this subject?
Thank you.
All the best.