The influence of VR on education

In education, if education combined with virtual reality, students can have class at home.

Male, 22, a student in ShanXi

The combination of Virtual reality with some real industry, My first thought is the education industry ,there is classroom experience anywhere , I think if this effect is presented,it will be very good.

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In the future , students will have class at home,teachers give lessons at school,the whole process will be captured by panoramic camera. After class, if students want to listen to it again, can playback the course in the dorm or at home.In addition, I think we can have foreign language teaching via the network development of VR.

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Typical caseļ¼šzSpace STEAM in Class

3D VR headset video can help kid overcome the lose of water

In America, Over 100 school districts are using zSpace STEAM for studying. One set of zSpace STEAM lab courseware include 12 sets of virtual reality workstation for students and one set for teacher. Each workstation is equipped with a interactive operation pen and different educational software.

zSpace STEAM system provides a real study environment and experience for students. zSpace STEAM operation pen can operate virtual holographic images extracted from screen, some applications can also provide a variety of perceptual responses. For example, when operating heart object, students can see and hear the beating heart.