The image is bad when looking at the light behind

Hello friends. Today I will be sharing a problem that I have been experiencing for years and cannot find a solution. I hope you, dear friends, find a solution to this problem.
I will share two images. In one of them, you will see that the grass looks nice while looking towards the sun, but in the other it is very bad because the sun is behind.
How do I make the grass look as beautiful as in the first image even when the sun is behind us?
The light in my stage is dynamic.

Render 1

Render 2

Thank you!

You should probably describe the problem exactly, beyond “looks bad”

Tell you what.
it looks fine.

Also, you probably need to set the subsurface color and trasmission option in the directional light.
since you know, light does pass through a blade of grass and change its color.

if performance becomes an issue, then maybe doing a regular/non sub surface modified material could improve a marginal amount. Kinda doubt it would bring any significant change beyond a fraction of a ms but hey. You never know.

Other than that, what Akiras said. Too vague a question when both renders look fine.