the human race's algorithm for depth map shadows

saw this video again just recently and one of the features caught my eye

is this sharp shadow with no bias control implemented in unreal engine? or is that a custom thing
does anyone have any info on how it’s being done?

I’m just looking for something that has a higher quality contact shadow for UE rendered cinematics

I don’t recall ever seeing anything about it, but it could be an experimental feature they haven’t made public yet. You could dig around in the cvars. One other experimental cvar that I like to use, which can give you sharper shadows and allow you to use a much lower bias without stepping artifacts(but still not auto-bias) is the Percentage Closer Soft Shadow filter with r.Shadow.FilterMethod 1 This will give you the variable penumbra control too, based on the scale of the light source, so you can get crisp shadows near the occluder and soft ones farther away. Contact Shadows, in World Space, also can help with crisp contact shadows near the occluder.

I always wanted to know how to get soft dynamic shadows, thanks!

thanks! I think as long as I get that stepping to stop it would be okay, the contact shadows in world space still give some weird artifacts as well so I’ve tended to avoid that a lot of the time
I’ll give the PCSS stuff a chance next time