The Hum: New trailer aiming to Gamescom

Hi everybody. I want to share a new trailer from The Hum, an alien horror game that I’m making in UE4, of course. I already posted about the game in the past , but I made this new post because this is really new stuff =)

The game is still very wip. There are many, many stuff that are still placeholder. We are making better art stuff, using tools like DDO2 (Quixel) and Cohernet UI. The game will have many procedural things, and gameplay changes. And the VR like Oculus is not only supported, I’m trying to make a real VR experiencie with the game.

I will be bringing something from the game at Gamescom 2014 too.

I hope you like this last trailer! And if you want to see some of the concept art of the game, just [URL=“”]link here](

Very cool! I’m liking this one alot; and the concept art over at IndieDB is absolutely fantastic. How many people are working on this project as of the moment?

Just impressive! I really enjoyed the first trailer and the progress is actually great.

But I also wonder how many ppl are working on this? It is even more impressive for a small team.

Hi guys, thanks for the kindly words!

We are a very small team indeed. I’m the only developer, and there are 2 guys helping me with 3D , one guy making the concepts and one guy who helps me with sfx. I do the rest for now, the programming, level design, story / gameplay and even trailers :V

I hope that, after gamescom, I could join a good developer so I can focus more in gameplay and story =)

This is looking awesome! Do you develop for hire also?

Looking pretty slick right there :slight_smile:

Looks really interesting so far!

Do you already know where you will be at Gamescom? I would like to come by and see what you guys have to show :smiley:

Ditto! Do let us know what day(s) and time you’ll be on the show floor. I’d like to stop by if I have the time.

Wow, its always the same guy narrating the game, fallout 3 hired the same dude!

Hi guys. Yep, I will be in the Bussiness Area at:

Hall nº 4.2
Booth nº A036a

We’ll have a little stand there all the days of gamescom =) I’ll be for GDC too but just walking around =)
If anybody want to meet up or just chat, just add me to facebook or skype:
skype: ariellarias84
facebook: ariel.arias.376

About the voice actor, his name is Sean Crisden, he has worked in games like ShadowGun and Kingdom Rush! Check about him here:

Outstanding work Anubis! I remember getting chills from the first video. This video amped up the chill factor for sure. Be sure to keep us posted as you progress through your development. I will be on the lookout for any updates with this game. Great job!

This looks fantastic! Loved the atmosphere of the video!

Hey guys, thanks for the comments! ^^

Nice Concept, love the War of the Worlds theme. Rift support is perfect for this kind of game. Those Patrol Machines make me shiver. Good Job!