The forum is dead or inactive? where is the unreal community?

Hi all!

How are they?

A few months ago I started learning Unreal, very happy that I did. I find it incredible.

But there always comes a time, especially when one learns alone, where you cannot solve something or has a problem.
I have tried to seek help in these forums but the truth is that nobody enters the post, the few that do do not respond and if you are lucky enough to have an answer it is vague and of little help.

I have tried before with other engines and other communities and there was another empathy, another collaboration and community support that I am not finding here.
Is there another more active Unreal forum? Any place where a beginner can ask a question, share their progress, etc?

It saddens me a bit to see that, I don’t know if the rest have the same appreciation or it’s just how I see it

I send my regards to all

Unreal Engine has a high level of difficulty in actuality mostly people come and don’t make it to far and quit. Also majority of people that blueprint will learn it’s sloppy and take a ton of time. On top of that their’s a huge learning curve and things you must learn in order to succeed. Unless,someone’s stolen someone’s work this is most definitely not a overnight or month thing. With that being said only thing you see in general discussion is questions that could be fixed with proper research and input. Regardless, if you’re passionate in gaming you’ll succeed.
I came in excited for even collabs and github couldn’t even get that, make a plan

Also the PS5 is coming up the cost for a system like that to run will be outrageous. Who has for a mediocore system 1000,dollar gpu, 800 dollar cpu,about another 500 got ram and memory for something considered a hobby.

Also with the so called new hardware in PS5 geez you need a lot for that. And that’s just settling for a basic struggle system… Then again I want to reach Triple -A quality and do my best!

Everything you wrote is true (see similar threads below). Basically the community has fragmented off to Discord, Reddit, Polycount, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Github, Daz3D and other channels. Its tricky to know now if the forums will ever recover… But this is what Epic chose to do (they let the Forums / AH die back in 2017)… So its not the fault of other devs… Overall, to progress with UE4, you’ll need to learn to be self-sufficient. And if things become too frustrating, there’s always Godot or Unity… BTW: There are local user groups around. What part of Latam are you in?…-response-rate…eally-the-best…on-bug-reports

Never Quit and do not give up on us. We’re busy developing Games, Applications,and Assets for UnrealEngine and Marketing those things. We’re still here. UnrealEngine Forums is home base, even with all the other social media inlets. I’m involved 20 discords, reddit, kickstarter, youtube and other things dealing with UnrealEngine. So not only does take a lot of work to learn UnrealEngine, it will take a lot of work to communicate using it. BTW, whats the problem you having?

This! If you spend some time to understand how the engine source is put together, you will be invincible. It has liberated me from the need of any outside help.

Agree, started one month ago and it’s reeeaaaaally empty. I basically dig into the engine code myself and stuff to keep going if there is no documentation but I surely found veeeeeery frustrating problems that make me so stressed. I hope there were more people!

How many times in 5 years have you searched the forums for answers though???
The truth is everyone is busy. But if few contribute anymore the forums will just die.

I know, it will take a lot of time, i will keep learning, each month is betther and i am having better results.

It was a problem with some specific GPUs like Intel HD6200 and the 32bit compilation. I Never solved it.

I see, it was not just my appreciation. Hope the comunity grow with time to became more like the Unity community. But i don’t like unity :slight_smile: Maybe i have to git it another chance

What part of Latam are you in? -> i am from Argentina

Reasons the forum isn’t super active:

A lot of the questions have been asked before and a simple google search would return plenty of results.

No one wants to help someone fix lightmaps or normal map issues after the 20th thread on the issue.

Discord and other venues are more immediate.

It’s been long enough since release people have built up their own support communities.

Forum activity is usually slow during the summer due to the time of year. Outside summer activities like holidays, heading to the beach or lake, is preferred over sitting in front of screen and activity should pick up near the end of September

I upgraded to the 64bit Recommended Hardware Specs specifically to work with UnrealEngine 4…ons/index.html

I mean my project, no the editor.