The foliage cull distance doesn't appear to do anything

No matter how high or low I make the max cull distance, it never disappears like it should.

Try increasing the minimum also…

The culling starts at ‘min’ and continues until ‘max’.

Doesn’t seem to work either.

Just to be clear, this culling happens when you are a player in the level, not when you’re looking down in the editor.

Yeah, you’re right, I did test it in the player mode. For whatever reason the ‘no shadow’ option in the foliage didn’t change anything, so I had to turn off shadows in the actual actor editor (since I’m using actor foliage) It might be that nothing can be changed in the foliage editor.

I just tested this with one cube as a mesh.

The shadow on/off works realtime, you can just toggle it. I get the cull distance to 250 and 500: