The first Blueprint tutorial(Brazier) not working, the FireParticleSystem only shows grey squares

I have a problem, I followed the steps of the first blueprint tutorial(Brazier), but when I add the FireParticelSystem Tutorial Template it doesn’t look like fire, it is only grey boxes. I think I’ve done everything right.
I hope someone can help me, If you need screenshots or something like this jusk ask.

Thank you

A shot of the material editor might help me identify your issue

Same problem for me. Seems like it’s have missing material.

I found it just ad as material M_smoke_subUV_blackbody and that’s it :slight_smile: I hope it’ll help…

Same for me too. I fixed mine by clicking on the Brazier in the viewport and then clicking Edit Blueprint in the Details on the right. In the Brazier window I selected the Viewport in the top of the viewport window. Then I selected fire in the Components list on the left and click on the dropdown tab in the Particles section under Details and selected P-Fire. Now it looks like the tutorial.