The Fallout 4 thread

Fallout 4 did happend so here goes all Fallout 4 things. Tips, guides, places and so on. You can also show your charactercreation:

I enjoy the Jarhead movie, so I (tried to) recreated Swofford:

Maybe my character looks more like a grunt, than a sniper.

Kotaku got a nice updated beginner guide to Fallout 4:

Hah I am amazed it took this long for someone to make a FO4 thread. Guess we’re too busy playing it!

I’ve got two characters running, a melee tank (male, now sporting the good ol’ super sledge) and a sniper with perk points going into Dogmeat (female).

I also tested on the second character (minor spoiler?) how far you can get in XP just by crafting and doing the first main quest. The answer: About to level 10… that’s kinda crazy, but the result is a GIANT tower in Sanctuary :smiley:

Yes, they had 12 million gamers at peak on Steam
when it lauched. I hope someone on Nexus makes
a mod so that the VATS will work like in Fallout 3.

I also hope they will update FOSE to Fallout 4 :smiley:

OOOOOOO Fallout <3

Ok i played it now for about 5 hours or so.
I like how this game starts and for me, those world war scenarios are very emotional. :frowning:
Artwork is great, running on mid on my old system, without lag.
I was very confused, how quick you get a bunch of good weapons.( to easy)
All this crafting stuff is to much for me, do not like it, get bored quick.
Dialogues to long for me.
It feels more of a brutal genre mix, then fallout feeling.
It is a cool game, but i personal do not like it. Last fallout part for me.
For someone who starts with 4, sure it is a great game, feels like bioshock in some areas.
But i started with part one and i really liked it.

I’d agree it is a LONG way (design wise, story wise, and dialogue wise) from Fallout 1 & 2. A pretty far leap from 3/NV.

I am pretty sure the overall consensus is the new dialogue system is not preferable to the original method. Crafting is pretty optional as far as I can tell. You can do it for XP or to improve your gear, but you could spend those perk points on just improving your character and using whatever you find.

The power ramp up is different but not actually a big deal. You get some ‘good’ weapons early, but they changed the entire power scale of the game. Your “day 1 minigun” would be amazing in FO3, but it isn’t really that fantastic compared to the late game weapons. I suspect they’re trying to show that technology is continuing to progress in the decade(s?) after FO3.

What IS a big deal is the addition of tons of easily acquired companions, all of whom are immortal. Not personally a huge fan of that, but some people are.

Overall my verdict is incomplete. The pro is certainly the new perk system over the old skill system (fits their style of hard cut-offs lot better, not suggesting it would have worked on FO1 & 2). The con is certainly the new dialogue system. Other items are all fuzzy - so I will hold judgement till I get through the main plot at least :slight_smile:

Trying real hard to find a reason to like the game enough to continue it. :smiley:

Same here, i was so happy about a new FO :frowning:
Yesterday i started it for two times and each was not longer then 10 minutes.
It was so expensive, and my kids could not play it(age), that was a silly move from me.

It seems like its boring the first hours, but after you finished the first quest, you got more freedom. Thats what I felt. Also,
you got the Stalker lightning mod if you want it to look like Fallout 3. Will test it to day :smiley:

I have never played any FO before so for me FO 4 was a totally new experience and therefor my thoughts about it are not influenced by past Fallouts. I really don’t like the character movement, aiming down the sights and the shooting itself, could be done a lot better. Weapons don’t feel different from each other no matter how different they look from each other. The ultimate difference seems to be only the damage percent each weapon does. :frowning: But that real time dynamic lighting is what I really liked a lot. (Epic, please).

Ah, I see :slight_smile: Fallout 3 could be worth a try then, even if its from 2009. Maybe you will like Fallout 4 abit more after you get the Fallout feeling from 3. I dont like the character movements either. Its like they taken the sprint mod from Skyrim.

This Elder Scrolls with guns in the future is boring. For example, basements quests are always the same “go to X they have problems, someone attacked/kidnapped/blackmail us, kill everybody/kill everybody and save X at this location”. I don’t like they give you the power armor so soon and its battery system, power armor always was like “no I feel I can kill everything”, a late game item, the best armor you can get. The crafting system is a pain with the weight you can carry, specially without power armor. ¿RPG? It is a FPS, the dialogue system is just a joke, ¿weapons/armor restrictions by level or perk? doesn’t exist. Inmortal companions with stupid AI. And… bugs, bugs everywhere.

I was upset with Bethesda because Fallout 3, but I hate it now thanks to Fallout 4. To me, the last Fallout was Van Buren demo, Bethesda games aren’t Fallout.

My Fallout 4 so far:

I start game and try to do single quest (then go for Unreal fun), but hey “blue” there is settlement that needs help. Oh they want to join minutemen, you can build now. 10 hours later setlemment ready, 20 beds 40 water, plenty of food, “now i can go finish quest!”. But hey “blue” there is that new settlement.

So my char is level 31 and not that far in story. I will not spoil where I am, but that point achievable in 2 hours of play, i done about that in 2 hours (on my first F4 character) before i discovered that **** settlements madness. So do not do quest that opens pandoras box, stay focused on story.

Few tips (no story spoiling):

  • do not get sucked into settlement building,
  • armor crafting is meh, unless you improve power armor, but then fuel cells are not that common
  • gun crafting is what you want, when you create bunch of decent weapon mods you can swap them and customize weapons. For eg: are you out of ammo for sniper rifle? Well get that laser pistol, change it into sniper rifle, change another weapon you have plenty of ammo into close quarters automatic submachine gun. You are set.
  • i do not remember plant name but one can be used to produce adhesive and its in every single crafting mod, plant it everywhere let those lazy settlers eat glue. But beware of settlement madness.
  • minor spoiler: sniper rifle, dog, sneaking and artillery (from settlements) . You can run naked nothing comes close and remains alive.

Best part of fallout is dogmeat, that dog is insane he (or she) always fetches new supermutant when i am about to kill last one while barely alive. Also his favorite game is to run into that blue smoke grenade (which calls artillery). Somebody should make mode where dogmeat fetches that grenade. :smiley:

Yess, someones reads my mind :smiley: There already is an VATS mod to get the VATS from Fallout 3 back.

I’ve never played a Fallout game before, but this one has certainly piqued my interest. Sadly I won’t be able to check it out for a while. Bogged down in work. =/

You have something to look forward to :slight_smile: Speaking of modding, I just found this great mod-manager: .

Just drag and drop the files and you are good to go.

About the doggie!
After playing about one hour again in two sessions yay
I really like dogs and i like that ingame buddy, but i hate him so much at same time too.
When you want to use him in a battle… I get quick confused, because of dogmenue is popping on my screen, and controls get someways disconnected from the bulletstorm around me.
I turn then normally around, run away, hopeful doggie does, or this drug addicted monster will consume a stimpack again.
Trading ok, but trading with a dog? Where is all my stuff i gave to him, he not even gets a fat belly.
Fable (i think) did better (can no longer remember such stuff, need room for nodes…).
Then this ressource harvesting thing, holy cow, sry that feels so wrong there and it looks really silly with that outlinervision for me.

Couldn’t resist. Uninstalled. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Narwat - armor crafting is meh, unless you improve power armor, but then fuel cells are not that common.

By mid / end game I was sitting on about 30+ fuel cells (by the last fight I had over 50). Combine that with the perk that would make them last 2x+ as long (if you wanted to go INT so you can get the science to craft better power armor) and you’re basically set for life. From my experience, if you avoid sprinting and using vats (which consumes power) too much a single cell will last 2-3 entire quests (or clearings of an area) without the perk. So by mid game without the perk I could probably do 60-120 areas and still have backups.

The most annoying part about it is wasting your fuel walking from one place to another, so you end up with this really weird strategy of “I walk to this new place, then teleport back home, get in my armor, and teleport to the new location to wreck some face, then teleport back home, get out, teleport BACK to the place I just cleared, and walk to the NEXT place.”

So in short, there’s actually plenty of fusion cells but using them is more annoying than anything else in the game :frowning: Which made me sad. I ran a few missions like that then gave up, I could complete them on Very Hard without my armor, so why bother wasting time teleporting back and forth.