The Epic MegaJam Team Up Thread!

The title says it all! Looking to group up for the upcoming Epic MegaJam? Here’s the place to do it!

I’ve joined “’s No Sleep Grinder’s” - good luck everyone :smiley:

I’m interested in finding the right team. Looking for experienced guys. Kitatus I’d be down to join you. Check my blog for my indie dev stuuuuff.

Nsomnia aka Team Giant Monster 3rd place Allars choice with Fishermans Dream in August working with Avolanty and Hitpawz who got 1st place Epics judging in Septembers jam.

I have a killer game idea for single player AI and 4/8 player Steam OSS and would like to build a fresh team to make it amazing. We have a dedicated 3D artist and Sound artist on hand at all times. I want to stick to this general idea to prevent the common loss of the first day to coming up with an idea and then people getting upset and not putting in their full passion because they don’t like it 100% or their ideas got turned down.

I will be prototyping and testing ideas all month until the jam.

PM me for more details or Skype BlenderTek and we’ll setup a group chat.

I have a dedicated Perforce or SVN server also running Redmine and other bug-tracking and project management software, although we usually just use Trello or Evernote, unlimited hosting, nearly every marketplace asset and all software you could imagine for 3D work. Looking for people from any experience level.

I already have all of Algorithmics software so I wouldn’t be taking any prizes from them and instead giving it to a team member or selling it (if allowed) to split among all team-members but myself. We’ll see about the other 2 sponsors.

Personally I excel in project managment and 3D modelling and texturing as well as animations. Widgets/GUI/HUDs are my UE4 expertise but I can blueprint my way all day long for any gameplay mechanic, AI, level design etc. I do UE4 tutorials on my youtube channels BlenderTek and UnrealTek (3500 odd subs) and have been coding for years and go to Uni for Comp Sci focusing on game development.
My weaknesses are matinees and complex materials as well as complex particle systems.

Not too much experience and bad english. :stuck_out_tongue:
Modeler/Painter, textures, photometry
and some videos mostly playing with blueprint for inventary and leap motion

not bad at rigging with ART

I play a bit doing animations with motion capture (kinect)


Roby here, gonna keep this simple. I’m your programmer/blueprints guy that usually does the mechanics for the game. I do however pretty much like to do anything game dev related so I know a bit of all the others. Hit me up on skype @taigitanaka or message me here :slight_smile:


Hey guys, if anyone needs a modeler/texture artist feel free to message me on here!
I recently decided to redo my portfolio so I only have 1 thing in it at the moment but here it is:
I can also do stylized stuff.

EDIT: We found our last team member for this competition! Best of luck to you guys still searching. Like always, I am looking forward to see what you guys make!

Team Name:
’s No Sleep Grinder’s

Current Team Members:
, Environmental Artist

Philipp Nasahl, Programmer
Portfolio: /

, Concept and Character Artist

, Animation and 3D Artist
Portfolio: http://steamcommunity./id/Voodoo_Daddy/

Andrew M, Programmer

Im an experienced C++ programmer looking for other programmers and blueprint users


Hi Really exited for this :slight_smile: Been learning lots of Ue4 stuff lately and creating a project of my own so be great to work with others.

3D artist (grad level) looking for a team to join.

Here’s my current portfolio.

Check ur PM :wink:


Not longer available.

Edit: I’m taken.

Hi, all. I’m a Blueprinter/designer looking for a team. I also have C++ experience, but for now, I’m more comfortable in Blueprint. I focus on gameplay and game ‘feel’. This will be my fifth game jam and my third in UE4.

You can check out my entry in the September UE4 Jam here (made solo) and my Ludum 33 entry here (also made solo).

Hey im new to UE4 looking to make friends and try something new so if your like me and wanna have fun doing something lets team up :wink:


I’m a 3D Character Modeler/ Blueprint coder interested in making or Joining a group. I have been on this game jam several time before.
I do stream on twitch making characters and game.

You can Check out my list of game here

Im interesed in joining a team as well!, Mostly for the programming & game design side, you can see my work at my signature

I would love to join a team! i’m a 3D Character artist !
You can see some of my work at !


best of lucks to everybody

i am a 3d noob and begining ue4.Would anyone pick me up?

Current team members:

  • 1 programmer (me)
  • 1 level, environmental artist (modeling, texturing)
  • 1 character artist (modeling, texturing)

currently looking for 1 more programmer/bueprint


Team Name:** “Team Laser Explosion” **
**(1) (Artist & Production Manager) **
(2) (Programmer)
**(3) (Programmer) **
**(4) (3D artist) **