The Epic Courtyard Panorama HDRI - downloadable source file

Hello! This might be an odd request, but I am searching (both this forum, and googled, and also within the template content files in UE4) after the HDRI image used to light models in Unreal Engine.

The reason why, is that I would like to use it in my 3dcc app, Blender. As an hdr environment texture so I can get similar lighting in Blender as in Unreal Engine.
Then if I can get the hdr file, I would save it as a default so whenever I create a new asset I can check the material in Blender under same lighting as the preview in Unreal.
It would just be a sweet set-up, I can work around this by using one of my hdr images in Blender and Unreal, but then. It would be even sweeter to use the one that’s already default in Unreal Engine.

I found some file ref. and stuff in Unreal Engine, I also tried to copy the .uasset itself and just rename it to hdr and exr (in a long shot effort)
but it doesn’t parse correctly. Guess .uassets has some additional meta data that freaks any image parser.

I’ve taken some screenshots to help explain what I am searching for.

PS: I think they mentioned it on one of the Epic live streams, about this HDR image used as default :DS