The Editor crashes within minutes

Every time I open the Unreal Editor For Fortnite it crashes within seconds/minutes. I get an notification in the bottom left about one drive conflicting with my files but this crash still happens even when I don’t open a file yet. I am not sure what to do

Windows 10
16gb Ram

Drivers were updated today
Verified Game files
Restarted PC
MFAA is off
Opened as administrator

I also tried running it in compatibility mode in windows 8

Greetings @DCNation4

Welcome to the Unreal Forums. I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into a crashing issue. The ‘OneDrive’ part caught my attention. Do you have the engine installed through OneDrive? Also, I’d check and see how much storage you have available on the location/drive that you have Unreal Engine installed on. (If it’s not either of these issues, post back with the full message that you receive when it crashes) I hope this helps!

The one drive issue was not the problem, I restored the defaults on NVIDIA control panel and it worked, i read somewhere it may have been one of those settings.

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and no the engine was not installed through one drive

Excellent! That was the next step I was considering as well! To be clear, this completely resolved the crashing, correct?