The Economy Suite

NOTICE: This asset has been discontinued. All previous buyers still have access to the files however we have discontinued it for all new versions and current versions.

Hello everyone!

The Economy Suite is a 3-part suite containing the following items; Banking and stashes, Merchants/Vendors and a fully featured Auction House.
This system also features a basic inventory to work with and a very easy way to setup any item in your game.

Do you require an economic system? Player saved banks or storage? Merchants/Vendors to buy or sell to? Or even just an inventory system? Or a fully featured crafting material storage? Or all of this together in one package? Then you’re at the right location, this suite covers it all!

This asset is made to be compatibly with almost any already made game, or game in progress! By simply adding components to your exiting character or using our example character you don’t have to worry about hours of work setting this up.

This asset is also available on our shop at a reduced price!

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The Auction House:

  • Auction House interface for easy control
  • Tooltips for every item
  • Bidding
  • Buying
  • Receiving items after you login, when they were done while you were offline
  • Adding items to the auction house
  • Removing your items form the auction house
  • Simplistic mail system for delivery of your items
  • Support for saving
  • Support for dedictated server and player server
  • Stats per item
  • Easy to understand system to add new variables to the auctions and items
  • Displaying only the items you enabled in the categories
  • Searching for items with a search bar

The Merchants:

  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Stack Buy
  • Stack Sell
  • Tooltips
  • Rarity
  • Cateogries
  • Setup shops in minutes
  • Data-Table driven item information

The Banks and Stashes:

  • Banking for players
  • Saved on server, also works locally
  • Per user ID banks
  • Adding items to the bank
  • Removing items to the bank
  • Crafting tab for overview on crafting materials
  • Searching in the bank
  • Tooltips

Changelog 1**

[CENTER]Integration tutorial

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This is really awesome Celeste! Just starting planning/working on a mmorpg type game for fun, this could come in really handy, great job! :smiley:


Thanks, i hope when it’s done it’ll get accepted. But for that i still have lots to do :slight_smile:

**Update #1

**[SIZE=2]New features:
Added Customization Setup node
Bidding has a better finishing touch(still not 100%)
My auctions now displays correct tooltip
Auctions now has working timeframes(outside PIE)
Can now remove own auctions
[/SIZE]*[SIZE=2]General overall performance imporvements
[/SIZE]*Fixed wrong username issue
Fixed User ID system to work in PIE better.
Can be expected next update:
Documented PDF/Google Docs on how to work and setup the Auction House in your project.

Also on a note, i removed the poll as i put that up too soon.
Here’s a video with Preview #2 working.


If you have any ideas/comments/suggestions/etc. Please do tell me! Also please let me know what you think -so far- of the system so i can have feedback and adjust some settings.
I’m planning on submitting this within the week, roughly 3-4 days as i hope by then all finishing touches are there.

Kind regards,

PS: Just noticed i still had music playing while recording, do ignore that or turn down volume, or up if you like the song.[/SIZE]

This looks pretty awesome! Definitely useful for mmo devs. A couple of suggestions:

A category system, where you can isolate different items based on their type. i.e. weapons, armor, consumables, etc.

A filter system. You seem to have the basic structure with name, price, level, seller. Being able to filter based on those terms would be a nice touch. Maybe even being able to add more parameters if that were possible.

That’s my take on it. This is great work, keep it up! =)


Yea could be very useful for MMO’s indeed. But due to that the system will have a less wide range of people who’d need it but i hope that doesn’t affect the chance of getting in the marketplace. I do feel like quite some people could use this.

And hmm, a filter system… Could try to implement that. And a category system could be easier than filter. But i’ll def give it a try!

Oh, I wasn’t trying to imply that only mmo devs could use it. =P A system like this is incredibly useful to many types of projects! Can’t wait to see the final product. =)

I wasn’t implying that you were implying that it’s only useful for mmo devs. :slight_smile: It’s certainly useful for more projects such as marketplaces for weapons/skins on fps games. And tbh i can’t either, it’s a really tricky system to make certainly for the bidding part of it and delivering the money/items to the players when the auction is done. I’m amazed myself i got this far. It’s my 2nd attempt at making one and the first one wasn’t even able on getting auctions on the auction house.

Indeed. Not bad for a second attempt. Keep up the good work. =)

Update #2
New features:
Added Category Search for items.

*Giving money to the seller when auction is sold now completely works.
Some general hotfixes.
Giving money back to sold auctions people bidded on now returns to the bidder if their bid is not the winning bid.

*The Docs on how to setup this system in your project is here:
[SIZE=2]Mainly all you need to do is add 1 thing to your Game state and character(s) and setup a few nodes which you can easily read and recreate from the example character and auction game state.

On filtering items as suggested, this is something i tried to do on earlier projects and it’s not directly supported in UE4 4.9(Not sure on 4.10) and is quite ‘impossible’ to create without creating some c++ nodes and exposing them to blueprints.

This time there’s no video but i’ll give you some images attached below[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Kind regards,


Looking good. Just a suggestion, maybe move the category bar above the “name - buyout - bid - level - seller” bar so that there isn’t a divide between that and the items. =)

We plan auctions with connected game rooms, when item data is pulled from a database. Not sure how easy it would be to adjust your code, or if it is even possible with only blueprints…

Looks great!

Are you wanting to have an auction house where the items data, i.e. a mysql database that holds all the data, and then display that in the auction house?

this should be possible with blueprints when using the Varest plguin, however i’d need to redo quite a lot of code for that as, as far as i know, marketplace assets can’t have dependencies.

Oh it isn’t?

Just noticed as well, i just created that rather quickly so didn’t really pay attention to that! But i will move the bar up as it’s intended to be.

Update #3

[SIZE=2]So, everything’s done.

Here’s a summary of all core features that you’ll have:

  • Buying items from the auction house with 1 click
  • Selling items form the auction house
  • Bidding on items from the auction house
  • Viewing your own auctions
  • Canceling auctions
  • Offline support for when you when make sales when offline(You will receive items on next login).
  • Searching for auctions
  • Categorizing auctions
  • Server can be taken down but all auctions will be intact!
  • Very easy setup.
  • System works with only an ID. Perfect for steam or any other database driven player bases.(Can also be playername based, but requires configuration)
  • Tooltips for easy viewing what the item is
  • Rarity of items which display with a color
  • Timed auctions(choose between 12-24-36-48h) until auction is due
  • Itemcore which stores all information of all items
  • Easy to add new variables to the tooltips/auction house
  • Stats for every item

Due to some personal reasons i cannot yet submit this to the marketplace team, i will however keep everyone up to date for when i do.
And i hope this gets released after all this work![/SIZE]

Awesome! Have you decided on a price range?

I have not yet set a price range that is final.
But i do however probably am going to range the price between $89 and $129.
That’s a high difference between the 2, but knowing this system will save you roughly 3-5 days fulltime work it’s worth it. + with it being quite complex this should be the right price range.

Hey everyone,

After a long time i can finally announce that we will be selling the Auction House on our own shop Beginning of January. We will also submit to the marketplace beginning of January.

Here’s a final view of the system in work with all features fully made in Blueprints.

Very easy to integrate with actor components, meaning you don’t need to re-do your entire character to work with the system. Fully made in Blueprints.
Hope you enjoy!

Item has been submitted! Could a mod/admin change the prefix to Submitted too?