The default MaxFPS of Quest2 is 72fps? is it able to enable the MaxFPS to a larger value than 72 ?Need to change-display-refresh-rate for Quest2 while dev game?

Oculus Quest: Set Display Refresh Rates: Unreal | Oculus Developers
default value is 72HZ, so it means the default MAX FPS is 72, right?
so if the higher FPS is wanted, is it able to change the Display Refresh Rates to 80, 90, 120?

I replied to your last comment in the performance thread, but ill c+p here for posterity :slight_smile:

Much like traditional monitor refresh rates, this is linked to your game’s frame rate.

Consider a 60Hz flat-panel computer monitor. At 60fps, you’ll get the smoothest experience possible because the number of frames that the machine is rendering matches exactly the frequency that the screen can display frames. If your FPS is lower than 60, youll get pauses (delays between frames while the screen waits for the PC) and if its higher than 60 youll get tearing (screen renders the next frame before it’s finished displaying the last frame). The same is true in VR, but the effects are way worse. If you drop below your HMD’s refresh rate, youll get ghosting, tracking latency, delays, and basically all the things that make people sick.

The current VR standard is 90Hz, so your project needs to hit 90fps or higher 99+% of the time. If your project can hit a consistent 120fps, slap that fact all over your promotional material lol

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BlendMode: Additive also should not use in VR, right?