The Dark Veil: West Haven

Welcome to the Dark Fantasy continent of Azdriel where a late aged man named Cyrus Tyllman is travelling through the lands on his own personal adventure. Playing as Cyrus you will discover a dark world filled with mysterious creatures and people in dark unknown lands. Stories of the past are unraveled as he searches for answers.

The Dark Veil: West Haven is a fantasy based classic survival horror made with pure inspiration from the early Silent Hill and Resident Evil games.


  • A new, unique, mysterious Dark Fantasy world filled with the unknown.
  • Using 3rd person follow cameras and static/pivot cameras, we will be giving the old Resident Evil styled camera angles with a well- designed combination of a simplistic melee combat and survival.
  • Needing to solve puzzles and survive, we are going back to the older style of difficulty in the horror genre. Giving minimum ammo and health, unique save style and interesting enemy types and animations.
  • Unique Narrative Style.
  • Custom dark fantasy music.

Thank you for checking us out!

Team Veil

I’m still following your progress, I can’t wait to play this game.

That’s fantastic to hear!!! Thank you for your support! I’ve been trying to post on here so often so you don’t forget about us! Haha


Atmosphere looks really good. Will be keeping an eye on this one.

You should totally consider doing this for VR as well. Chronos had similar idea and it worked quite well.

We got our inventory functionality up and going. :smiley: Going to need some polish, but we’re getting there! This allows the player to equip different weapons, use and conserve ammo, and heal. Such a big step!

Starting on the fantasy environment elements… Just concept for now.

Throwing in interactable objects for puzzles… :wink:

Some updated images.

Working on that ol’ horror feel! ;D

Here is also a Sneak Peek at our new Protagonist!

Very nice!

Thank you! We’re having him animated as we speak. We’ll be showing some goodness soon!! :smiley:

Working on more environment polish… Pre-Horror stuff.

Atmosphere is ok, but animations need to be fixed

Agreed! The current character is just a placeholder until our other one is done being rigged/skinned/animated. We can’t wait until he’s ready and good to go. We have our battle system implemented already, just need the appropriate models and animations to help bring it to life as we want.

Good luck on your work then! Overall everything looks good and professional.

Thank you so much! It’s so great to hear that. Once we get the overall visuals with animations and combat, you’ll definitely see a lot more of the Classic Survival Horror aspect in gameplay and cutscenes, as well as seeing more of us in a public manner, like IndieDB, possible crowdfunding and events like PAX.

Given that the older RE and Silent Hill styles are not seen often anymore we hope that many people will find it as fresh and exciting as we do! With our team being so small it’s been a long, tedious process to get this far, but we feel it’s worth it. Hope you all will too!

I think we finally found our house styles. :smiley:

I really enjoy the creepy atmosphere, keep up the good work!