The dark areas in the level.

Hello for all!

I have a question about lighting. Is there way to darken some parts of level? For example, I want to make Stonehenge like in a cloudiness. But other parts of the map leave bright.


I imagine two ways to make it:

  1. Use a light function.
  2. Place a mesh over this place. But for soft shadows I need to use translucent materials with shadow casting…

Is there another way? More elegant and beautiful.

BTW I use one directional light and one sky light in this map.

Thanks in advance!

Use an “ambient cubemap” (it’s like a skylight) in your post process volume -> then you can define the areas :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer. But i have some troubles with it.

This is what I want to get:


This image made with using a light function. But all process looks like mix of a voodoo magic and shamanism :slight_smile:

I tried to use Post Process Volume. Looked at the sample in ContentExamples. But it is not working for me :frowning: This is a screenshot with settings:


And I don’t know why… Perhaps the directional light with skylight annihilate this effect?

You can use the 3D sphere mask technique explained here and use it in a post process material(Blendable) to darken a spherical area at a specific location.

Thank you! I will watch that video.