"The City 16 Project"

Hey Guys,

Ok, I found this really awesome Project, it’s called City 16. Someone put it together and placed it for download for all to see.

I tried to open the project file, but it doesn’t work. I am certain it’s due to me not having the same version of unreal engine installed.

How can I tell which Engine Version a “Project” is made from?

Is that informtion in a config file somewhere? Where is that data located at?


Also too, I downloaded Soul City. I got that to load up no problem.

Can we use say the “Particle Effects” from “Soul City”?

it says “To be used in Unreal Games”…

But I just want to make sure.

Ok, I guess there is no way to tell what version of made after it’s done.

Got it.

Moving on.


I understand this is an old post, but yes You can find the version of a project by opening the .uproject in notepad or some other text editor, its only a few lines and at the top it will say the build version. City16 is 4.19 if I remember correctly, and you can generally speaking open an older project with a newer version, but not vice versa.

Hi, do you still have the City 16 level? The original link is dead and I’ve been spending a good week try a find it.