The car has error collision and error data(acc jitter...) on the road that is created by SplineMeshComponent

I create the road using SplineMeshComponent in C++. But I find many problems as following questions:

Precondition:the road has height.

1.The road is shaking while the car is driving, andVehicle acceleration data has been jumping.

2.Vehicles will occasionally experience undetected collision problems(Error Collision).

My Attempt:

Attemp 1:There is a related answer that it is the accuracy problem caused by the road map data is too large. So that I attemp to adjust the world origin point, it no effect.

Attemp 2:I adjusted the mesh density of the generated road, it also no effect.

Now, I don’t know how to deal it, I want to listen your ideas and method.

I resolved it. The reason is that the map position is too far from the origin of world coordinates, the accuracy problem caused by this. The solution is to translate the map to near the origin of the world.