The camera is going to the 0,0,0 postion when rendering in the sequencer?

Hey all,

I have been testing the path tracing fog and decals which has been working lovely for some nice screen shots. I have turned to do some render tests in 5.1 P2 with the movie sequencer and for some reason it does not render the main camera and renders in the 0,0,0 position. I have tested the same scene in 5.0.3 and it works fine. Have any of you had this issue with the sequencer not rendering the correct camera?

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I have the same situation, no matter where my camera is, it goes back to the axis origin

A bit late, but try Convert to spawnable.

In sequencer, right-click on the camera and select Convert to spawnable:

And make sure that Spawned is ticked.

Hope that helps

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Thank you so much! :smiley: