The Blueprint Library in my plugin is not usable

The Blueprint Library in my plugin is not usable after I packaged the game,but it can work in the UE4 Editor.
Why ? Have anyone met this question?

Could you please describe your error in more detail. What is the exact error when you try to use the Blueprint Library in the packaged game?

No error.
For example,a function void Test(bool &Res){ Res = true;}. The function work well in the UE4 Editor. I print the result of calling Test. The result will be “false” in the packaged game.

I have made a plug-in which containes the BlueprintLibrary.The plugin is Engine plugin.I put my plugin into the “Engine/Plugins/Runtime/” folder. I called the function of the Blueprint library and print it on the screen. It worked well ,when i played in Editor.But it didn’t work in the packaged game,it print the default value on the screen.

I may be misinterpreting your question but one thing does come to mind. Check your plugin.uproject file. See if the “Type” parameter is set to “Runtime”. If not, change it to that. It defaults to “Developer” (or maybe “Editor” for your plugin type) but to be included in a packaged build, it has to be set to “Runtime”.