the black pearl

personal circumstances have kept me away for a while but im back on track now.

heres what ive done this week,getting my hand back in and making my son the happiest six year old on the planet.


same video,just cant edit the first post!

Always surprising us Gaz :slight_smile:
How long did this all take?

8 days so far.

It looks realy cool gaz.What physics did you use?(or is it a vehicle)
Glad to see you returning strength again pal :slight_smile:

it is actually a car(at least at the moment)the game is running at slomo 0.3 and with reduced gravity to give the impression of works quite well I think.the ships scale is around a third of what it should be.
im working on a 10k by 10k map with a few islands so the reduced vehicle scale will increase the relative map size.

Wow! That’s fantastic!

thanks,wait till I sort the cloth out and it should look even better.

Hey Gaz, welcome back. Good to see you again. Not bad for 8 days of work.

now with working sails.

Love the cinematic cameras.If this is cloth,woud it look good if you attach a wind actor behind the sails(togle on off )?I know there is a working helicopter level with udk(just grass and some wind there).
If you decide to work more on this,it does have quite potential as a game in my opinion.Add multi and people will be jumping all over it.

ive been thinking that myself and then I see this

one thing I have never even looked at is multiplayer and finding helpful info for udk seems to be getting harder.

the cloth doesn’t react to a windsource in the level but rather settings within its properties.maybe something in code will work.

Have you seen this one?(graphics are on the achievable side in udk)

That water!!! I don’t think you can do that in UDK. You would have to actually displace the mesh real-time. In UDK if you made a material with a hundred parallax layers, it still wouldn’t look that good from the side. It also has subsurface scattering–you can see that the water glows green when you see waves come up between you and the sun. Self-shadowing. Whitecaps. Depth-based opacity and tinting. And the wave intensity changes. And the boat rocks, moving everything on the boat.

Besides the water, I think the rest of it looks alright. It’s got kind of a cute cartoony look. But that water is amazing. I guess you would want to put a lot of effort into it if your players are going to be surrounded by it most of the time.

Edit: I was referring to Sea of Thieves there. Their water is amazing. Blackwake looks like a fun little time waster. I personally wouldn’t buy it unless it had a really compelling single-player campaign, but that’s just my preference. Was Blackwake a solo dev project? Maybe Cobalt is raising the bar a little too high, but that’s how I measure what a realistic looking game by a solo dev should look like now.

yeah,cobalt makes us all have to work hard.:slight_smile:

I agree,the water does look very good indeed.but I wont stress about mine not being as good.

In udk the only battle boat game i know is sea craft(i dont know if it was released but it does look nice)

Check to see if this coud help you get started: one has a water shader example with it.

I think sea craft looks pretty cool.

checking those links now.thanks.

In that case the rest of us will never even finish one game! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone, I got some info for you: That water is almost certainly the product of NVIDIA WaveWorks. WaveWorks is part of NVIDIA GameWorks, and the UE4 integration is included in the price of the UE4 license. Now I want to finish my game just to make some time to try out GameWorks.

unfortunately I was unable to open the upks in o_and_n’s post as they were made in a newer version of udk.

still,im making some progress with the water.