The Best Games

Starcraft 2
The Sims Online
Diablo II

Texas Hold 'em


I know this list doesn’t include any racing games or sports games, but I don’t like racing games or sports games. I made this list as a representation of the series/genres that they support. I wish that more games would be made of these types but sticking strickly to not mixing genres. For example I think the Sims Online is a social chatroom MMO, I’d like a game to be made just like the sims. But basically you need to understand that each of these games is supposed to be replicated and reproduced as if it were an individual genre itself. Just like I said, “the sims” is to be recreated as a replica of the sims and “SWG” is supposed to be remade just as it was a replica of the original SWG. If you can experiment with what I’m saying you can experiment.

What is this post even about?

Isn’t The Sims single player only?

You would rather have more of the same than innovation?

Is this post a social experiment? Am I being tested here? x)

This post is about discussing what you like about the games I have listed. As well as if you could recreate these games using the unreal engine what changes you would make while preserving the unique feel each game has. So basically yes I would prefer more of the same rather than innovation. But after you recreate games which have already been made you could learn to start mixing genres which I don’t know where that has been done. This post isn’t a social experiment.

Mario’s, Zelda’s, Soulsborne, Quake, Doom, Unreal Tournament, Wolfenstien, Fallouts, GTA’s, Pubg, and now fortnite is the big deaI I left out a few thousand.

Can you please list some cricket games also.

i like WOW

I like GTA V

My list of best games:,

Half Life 1/2/3, follows the classic hero story narrative arch, AKA “A hero’s Journey” first example appearing circa 2100 BC, “Epic of Gilgamesh”
Half Life Falls in line with Campbell’s 17 stages of the monomyth, Later simplified by David Adams Leeming down to 8:

  1. Miraculous conception and birth
  2. Initiation of the hero-child
  3. Withdrawal from family or community for meditation and preparation
  4. Trial and quest
  5. Death
  6. Descent into the underworld
  7. Resurrection and rebirth
  8. Ascension, apotheosis, and atonement

Half life Combines the best elements of first person shoot, adventure and puzzle solving genres, it is all things to all men.
#Gabe’s personal journey is stuck at step 6, so we need a new hero to step up and create/complete Half Life 3, balance must be restored to the universe.
Who will be that hero?

End of list.

Nuff said.

Higinbotham’s tennis for two.

No Unreal Tournament 1999?! Infidels! So many mouses were sacrificed on Lava Giant.

I started with IGI and GTA. I can play Any GTA series any time. Right now I’m playing Apex and Pubg.

Spider-Man PS4, Ratchet and Clank 1 ps4 remake (for instance you don’t have to collect 150,000 bolts to buy R.Y.N.O all you have to do is to just collect all holocards,no golden weapons, but automatic upgrades instead, collecting golden bolts are just to unlock special features,in original ratchet and clank 1 nanotech health bar was limited in original in remake just like in ratchet and clank 3 health bar keep going furthermore upgrades automatically(since ratchet and clank 2) when ratchet NPC are killing enemies,in original(PS2 version) there were no multiple level difficulties likewise in reboot of classic series,some planets were removed and the rest of them are just still merged in PS4 remake) and infamous second son.

GTA V is my favorite