The Art of Combat - Melee Combat System for the Unreal Engine

and the indicator when enemy attacks for parry/counter :wink:

Of course :smiley:

The blueprints are very well organized, I liked it a lot.:slight_smile: Maxx_Rexx, are thousands Macros!!!

User : Do you understand those blueprints? And is capable to make your own changes and custom inplementation alone?

Maxx_Rexx is it a complete combat framework: UMG, game mechanics, AI and Multiplayer?

All blueprintes look beautifully organized and commented!:smiley:
I just got a little confused about this organization:


PS.: And seems for me that $149.99 is beyond our budget, because it will also depend on hiring a programmer or a excelente blueprint guy able to implement and configure it inside another totally different project with a quite specific programming, like a specific third persons RPG Shooter game that mixes Melee Combat, Speels, Skills and Evolution System!

Unless this is a complete game (Framework/Template), or contains an aproach for an interleavable modularity, which the most functionality contained in your project may be interchangeable inside any different project by anyone. Otherwise, any custom changes or implementations without a very good knowledge about your blueprints, could are creating a complete mess especially regarding to multiplayer functionality. Anyway it could needing to be made by a good blueprinter guy or programmer with a good knowledge about your blueprints physiology. And You Will Not Have Peace, no more!.


Thanks @lunyBunny.

The Art of Combat does contain frameworks for easy implementation of UMG/UI, Gameplay Mechanics (Mostly combat related and some other special ones like AI possession of player characters, damage application, targeting and so on), and AI (all in BP, and without any use of Behaviour Trees at all). Multiplayer is not yet a feature in The Art of Combat, but I have been working hard to bring it to the system. For anyone who does want to test out Multiplayer at this time, the advice I can give would be to wait till I confirm multiplayer play is supported, but if you do purchase it and want to test out multiplayer as soon as you can, you would have to make some changes to the system, namely making sure that all the important calculations and functions are carried out on the server (Switch Has Authority), and enable replication correctly for actors and variables to be replicated. I am still iterating and testing out multiplayer on my end, so when I have it working successfully, I’ll include it as a feature in The Art of Combat.

With blueprints, for me personally, to understand code, I simply need to ‘follow the wires’, and that is usually how I write my code. I am not sure how it is confusing, but I’d be happy to explain and/or answer any questions you might have about my code. The screenshot you showed was for a macro in the Game Instance, which simply registers the player character(s) being targeted by the AI characters. I set it to check for up to 4 player characters, but of course that can be expanded upon as desired.

I don’t know if you would need to hire a programmer necessarily to understand my code (I really don’t think so as I did my best to make it really easy to follow), but I do hope not :D. That said, you will need some blueprints/programming knowledge. The kit is structured for designers.

Thanks again!

i hope so for 150 $ :smiley:

Looks like I can make updates before it goes live, so I’ll be adding some functionality to the system.

How much longer until it goes live?

Two weeks :smiley:

i have 2 questions:

1 - we can set a skilltree or play other combat styles i mean in your video was something like sgrima, so other styles.

2- its posible to attach different animatio or combat style to different weapons? swords - katana - rapiers…

pd: shut up and take my money, here u have a 100% client

Yes, you can set up a skill tree(s) or play any style you want.I’m not sure what ‘sgrima’ is, but basically the moves for your combat are based on the animations you use. For example, I’m about to include Long-Range combat functionality (Bow and Arrow setup) for player and AI characters in Project Adrayvia. So it does depend on the anims you have. If you have anims for hand to hand combat, and someone else uses anims for bo/staff combat, and you both use The Art of Combat system, your combat moves will look as different as the hand to hand animations are different from the bo/staff animations. So just get your anims, create your montages, populate your notifies, and hook them up! Yeah! :smiley:

any spoiler about updates or future features (? and you said your currently using the system for your game, any other system will be released? :slight_smile: im with hype and sorry i esgrima in english is “fencing” :stuck_out_tongue: mistake.

I’ll update this post when I intend to make updates/future releases. Right now, I’m looking to add some features to the system before the release date, so I’ll post about the updates here when I’m done.

Is this system using collision detection for damage? Just wondering how well optimized it is for example if this all would be handled on server on multiplayer game with 30 players, since you mention you are planning to release mp update later, are you planing to handle fighting on server side or client? Havent noticed on videos clearly, but what happens when parry event happens? Does animation rewind backwards, or does it stop with yours and oponent AI weapons still in touch/still mode?

Yes, the system uses collision detection as one of the conditions for damage application. For multiplayer, it would obviously be a lot safer to handle the combat mechanics on the server side, especially with important aspects like damage.
When the player attempts a parry, the parry can either be successful or unsuccessful in The Art of Combat, but that is mostly an Adrayvian mechanic I added to the system. You may use your own design of course. If the parry is successful (all the conditions for a successful parry hold true), then the opponent is transitioned into ‘Is Being Parried’ status, stops the current montage being played and plays the animation montage for that state, during which time a Parry Counter may be used. If unsuccessful, the player may take a penalty and/or the AI may be given a boost/advantage - the mechanics are exposed for the designer to decide.


is there any type of energy or stamina or just button + button…? (no skill requiered, like tekken xD)

RPG elements like Health and Energy are included as a basic start up. The Launch Attack costs energy, which refills after a certain amount of time. This can be implemented however you wish, as you could set the color of the energy bar in the UI to yellowish, perhaps, for stamina, and then make it so that attacks you want to drain stamina drain stamina by simply following my example for the Launch Attack, and/or write your own more elaborate and unique-to-your-project code.


So I made some updates to the system:

  • New Hit detection system called the Hit Reaction System (a lot more accurate than the initial Hit system, but both are included)
  • Improved Lock-On Targeting System for the Player Character to detect opponents a lot more dynamically, and with a lot more security and validation
  • Improved Parry System with Check For Parry Collision Section, added Parry Successful section to AI Character Blueprint, added Parry Failure Section to Player Character Blueprint
  • New Projectile Hit Section to detect projectile hits
  • Improved Damage Application System for more accurate application and receipt of damage
  • Enabled Player Character HUD so the player’s health and energy bars are visibly updated in real-time.
  • Added various helper variables and macros


Beautiful! I am literally just waiting for this to be released; and check everyday! Does the new hit detection system have the indicator? It’s amazing you reply to everyone and are so informative. Exciting combat system and a great developer = My money is already spent!

Did you watch Mezio’s tutorials to make this? I have my own system and it looks quite similar.

I don’t know who Mezio is, but if you’re referring to Moize Opel, I learned from him as I learned from Unreal’s docs. If your system looks similar to mine, and mine looks similar to his, I’m guessing it’s cos there are some coding mechanisms that designers are instinctively drawn to, especially when it comes to conditional mechanisms (Ifs, Dos, Switches, Selects and so on). When I started out, I looked up tutorials and resources for anything related to combat systems in Unreal, and I even sent emails to some people I thought could tutor me, but in the end, I went at it alone and after a few weeks, I was glad I did, cos it wasn’t difficult for me in the first place.