The Advanced Vehicle Retread Community Project

Hi Everyone
This Unreal Engine Community project is all about making use of the Advanced Vehicle Blue Buggy.
Ever since the template arrived i have wanted to use it to make my own vehicles because of it’s suspension system. When it came out there was no suspension vehicles for sale in the market place (i don’t think the market place was even up and running when the template arrived ? ‘I’ve been here since 4.3’), and even now i don’t think there is any that look as good and that also could be used as a base to make your own vehicles ?.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^UPDATED V2^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Now with Advanced Vehicle 4x4 and Car (with visually improved suspension) presets with separated Tyres and Rims.
And basic Motorbikes
Download size 2.05gb
approximately 5300 shaders compile when first loaded
Derived cache around 1.5gb once shaders have compiled

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Adding your own Wheels/Tyres/Rims/Hubs TUTORIAL^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
With a HUGE Thanks to jay_adams_11 for showing me how to incorporate separated Wheels/Tyres/Rims/Hubs,

Wheelmaster Blender files plus other files that might come in useful if wanting to follow tutorial (Size 5.8mb)…gOtf1kvJpEZ4ae

Please tell me if you have any problem with download or need help with tutorial or can help improve the project
All feedback welcome

Sound Problem Fix

Project also contains

Meshes to help to create cars

The contents of this Project, Materials and Sound FX and Meshes are all property of EPIC Games.
This project is only for use in Unreal Engine 4 Projects.

The Video
The cheesy original concept video
This Project Contains,

Advanced Vehicle 4x4 Scaled to EPIC character base presets with wheel variations and customise able/separate material slots for suspension and wheels.

Advanced Vehicle Car base presets with wheel variations and customise able/separate material slots for suspension and wheels.

Sedan custom presets with wheel variations that have separate material slots for Tyres and Rims and easy change/Add own Car bodies and parts.

Showdown Met Police and Showdown Custom Civilian Cars with presets with Sedan bases and Advanced Car Base.

Various Separated Modular Car Parts, taken from various EPIC Projects,

2 Wheel and 3 Wheel WIP Motorbikes

All Presets have as standard,

Brake lights
Basic Indicators
Impulse Jump
Impulse Turbo (Works while airborne too)
Air control (Kicks in when Airborne, uses steering controls, easily changeable)
Engine startup and Driving Sound FX
Interior Camera with Free Rotation and Reset (by repressing camera choice key)
Chase Camera with Zoom in/out
Orbit Camera With Free Rotation and Zoom in/out and Reset (by repressing camera choice key)

Police lights on some presets (timeline animated)
3 Instant times of day plus bonus Dodgy Effect
4x4 test track
High speed ‘modular’ test track

Wheels are mostly customised versions of EPIC Wheels, with some tyres and rims built from brushes turned static. All wheels have separate material slots so can be customised even more (Blue glow can be any colour, metal, tyre rubber also can be changed), Not all wheels shown are used with the presets.
I have added what i think are the best wheels to the presets. but if anyone wants to use the other wheels Or add their own, i can make a tutorial if needed using Blender.
Body parts taken from EPIC vehicles and are made modular to help furnish your vehicles.

That’s pretty awesome.
I have just recently got a mesh rigged to the buggy skeleton and was pretty disappointed with the rescaling. I started with the sedan base which is easy enough. Then realized it is 1.5 times the size of the buggy. And have the wheel sink into the floor issue.
I also wanted to change the pivot locations of the suspension but have had no luck so far. It still looks better than the wheels and axle not being aligned… (sedan mode) But it’s not prefect.
I have yet tried to rebuild the entire rig.

Also the collision mesh is buggy. It works in game but flips out if I simulate the physics. There is also the issue of no matter what I import it was (name wise) the vehicle skeletons/physics always seem to cross over.
(I import ‘Mycar.fbx’ as skeletal mesh and inevetiably it always seems to cross contaminate with the buggy physics and I have to restart a fresh project and try again. I am doing nothing that tells my mesh to have ANYTHING to do with the buggy/skeleton or physics.
If I try to edit their physics everything goes wonky. (but their physics in game is 1/10th scale of the mesh I import on that exported skeleton if I replace the physics visual mesh with mine)

And of course there is the issue that their buggy rig is basically unusable with any real world vehicle apart from buggies. All the suspension is in the wrong places.
Also, when I import their rig, the shocks and bent in half and distorted. So did they rig them in another pose then bend the bones in place? It’s weird.

(Your suspension rig for the car at the end of your video is much more in line with what they should have released.)

I do think the vehicle demos and support in that area are limited. I can rig and replace characters in Unreal all day long. Try to get a vehicle to be proper though… Trying to find info…
Takes me back to the old y-up z-up issue so many games have issues with.

I am now using Modo and do have it set to z up which is the ONLY way to get a correct export.

But yeah, Unreal does need to step up the vehicles imo. Maybe they will adopt this …


Hi Jay, thank you for your opinion and comment,
I wish i could say ‘hey have you tried that’ but the fact is my knowledge is obviously less that yours.
I presume the reason you have tried moving the pivot points is because of the suspension not being right for cars like you say and is.
i was hoping just to move/transform/scale the suspension parts like i did with the static concept iv’e made, but with the skeletal and then hope the bones move with it (shows how much i know :),

And while trying to write this reply and say the things i was going to try, instead i have tried them.
I have tried re positioning the 4 sections (each wheel with the suspension meshes and bones still attached)

(I was going to move the frame sections later if it worked)
and although i managed to change the pose and the sections stayed where they are in the picture.
When i re imported into the engine, the wheels were in the new position, but the suspension meshes and bones had gone back to there original positions ?,
Of which i can only presume that it is the Anim BP putting them back where they are set in the Anim BP, and from what i can see, there is no way to adjust them in the BP ?.

I have looked at that ‘unreal wishbone tut’ a few times over the years and felt every time ‘what ?, why ?, how ?, what’s my name ?, where am i ? then gave up’, but hopefully i might understand it more if i retried it :).
If i can understand how to set up a new anim bp for the repositioned S mesh (Or if you do already ?), then this might be a possible solution ?.

I will post if i have any luck, and please get back to me if you have any suggestions or learn how to re rigg/can rerigg the static concept i have, or your own version, Or how to make new anim bp.

Both meshes are still same original small size, my project meshes are still small because there is no specific size to scale them up to, so they are all re imported to the right size depending on size wanted ect

(Advanced car mesh (static mesh fbx)

(Repositioned skeletal mesh fbx, probably a mess/wrong :slight_smile:

Iv’e been working on this reply all day and still feel i have not replied properly to ya :slight_smile:


I believe that the reason your suspension parts move back to their origins in game is because the bones in 3d program have a scale position set.

Try selecting all the bones and resetting their transforms in the new positions.

Depending on your program… Maya was always z up, 3dsMax was y up and I spent years struggling with that. I’m now working in Modo and you can set zup (y up is default). If you set it THEN import the rig it works.

The AnimBP only tells them how to react to each other (ie: pyhs wheel moves up, the visual wheel looks at that and matches it)

I’ve started a rerig from scratch. It just takes forever to align and name the bones properly. I have the back left wheel setup and when I go in game (disconnected all other bones in animBP for time being).
It’s now the correct scale, and everything is still in place. I was also able to create a pyhs model that doesn’t bug out on simulation.
However the suspension is fully compressed and doesn’t move.


Ok, OK. I had animstance on the animBP, not vehicleanimstance so I couldn’t create a wheel handler node. Now that that is in things are working properly.
Just have to make 100 more bones now and rerig…

Do I need everything rigged? I don’t know. I was hoping to see functionality working with one wheel before I proceed. :frowning:

The main reason I am trying to rescale is I believe the standard character mesh for UE4 is the same scale as the sedan so it’s better to have it all the same.

Good luck on your project. I’ll keep pluggin away over here. Whoever gets it first wins !!! :smiley:

It’s good to have someone else working on this. If I get a proper rig working I’ll send it over.

Jay Jay Jay,
Here it is, the birth of the Advanced Vehicle Car, With a BIG thanks to you (although i’m gonna delete your words and pretend it was all me later :slight_smile: of course i’m joking, I will be happy to put a big thanks to you in the project if you wouldn’t mind ?.

What i done after reading your last comment was when’t back to it knowing thanks to you that it wasn’t the Anim bp ect

(I would of gave up then let alone not tried yesterday if it wasn’t for your comments, and fact is i might not of ever tried to make the Car version, because as iv’e said, 'iv’e got the main parts i want BTW I’m a big fan/wanting more chunky sci fi vehicles, but of course lowered proper suspension fast futuristic vehicles too)

So then tried right clicking on bones (in Blender) and found a ‘clear user transforms’ (of which was the nearest to your words i could find), but ‘yes’ they just reset to original positions.
(the part you say about z up i felt wasn’t the problem from my little knowledge/experience in exporting from blender before)

(And by the way, you have turned me off trying rigg for ever, It sounds like more work than my whole project :slight_smile:

So any way i tried other ‘Pose’ option that i didn’t try before, Pose/Apply/Apply custom transforms as default.
(as the option i tried yesterday seemed to work, 'bones didn’t spring back when leaving ‘Edit mode’)

So then exported with that setting,
and guess what ?, it all sprung back to the old positions still in Unreal.

BUT after that i bothered to look at the other import settings in Unreal,
clicked on ‘Use TO As Ref Pose’ then reimported, and everything when’t into place :slight_smile:

At the moment it still needs more positioning (going to put the wheels in same position as sedan).

The Engine space is now made achievable and also at the same time it makes the suspension smaller and more car like (just need to find the balance between spacing/wheel size)

Later tonight i am going to add at least 1 Advanced Car chasis to the presets already in the project.
(and will put a big thanks to you above it :slight_smile:
and am buying a project cleaner and am going to clean all the unused stuff out of the project (It’s just over 4 gig at mo with no ‘derived cache’. i reckon i can get it down a few gig if i do.
and will hopefully post it tomorrow and hope project will be ‘not minded’ by the higher power that is EPIC. I don’t see why it should be as it is an Unreal 4 Project only, and let alone not made for profit.

What do you think ? (Bearing in mind i’ll say it was your fault, you told me it was ok :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Advanced Car test video

Nice, looking forward. I just finished up my rig and it’s working also :wink:

Great, Congratulations. I would like to see a vid of what you have done sometime if poss ?.
Please get back to me if you do/don’t mind the appreciation in my project, Because i would like to say thank you for your help, it is Much appreciated and i think all the millions that are going to download my project should know :slight_smile:

I haven’t really gotten into making videos. but here are some pics… And sure you can give me some props :slight_smile:

The main thing I did was just build the rig up from scratch. Lots of bones names …and fine positioning. UGHHH

I’m working on a 4x4 game so I expect a lot of roll overs. The simple vehicle worked fine but looked horrible with the wheels floating a foot away from the axle.
I also wanted leaf springs as I am making some old vehicles. Wasn’t sure that was going to work but it did.
I’ll probably need another rig for bigger/newer vehicles… That’s be a wishbone set-up.

Main issue was figuring out which bones did what.
So the:

Lower Arm dictates the radius the suspension rotates around. For my rig (as the axle is solid) I put that basically in the center of the axle.

Kingpin is attached to that. It always stays vertical (theoretically the top of it is attached to the top swing arm). In Unreal it doesn’t really matter, that’s all in code I believe. The hub, vis and phys wheel follow it to stay upright.

Upper arm is mainly for looks. The bottom of the shock follows it in it’s arc. Wasn’t working right for me, but my case is a little different. Visually on a wishbone it should be same length as lower arm and straight above it so the arms and the kingpin always stay together. ( I didn’t follow that and maybe that’s why rigging to the lower shock didn’t work for me)

A lot of the bones are unweighted, it’s all code stuff and they all follow each other accordingly.

The ‘shock’ bones (shock_bl, shock_fr) are sitting at 0,0,0. I thought maybe they were part of the code, so I included one. I don’t think they do anything. I also deleted the driveshaft as I have no exposed drive shaft to turn.

The steering linkage up front is purely visuals.

The main issues were:

Trying to reuse the old rig, and heavily reconfigure it and not getting bones zero’ed out. Working too long straight and just getting tired and confused and chasing my tail in circles.

Then I tried mirrored bones, another fail even after zero out.

Trying to weight my axles to the lower shock.

Putting collision models on my viswheel, instead of the Physwheel. (it was working but it seems like I was trying to tow a house, not traction barely moving.

Forgetting to set my attached wheels to anim BP.

And having my main BP be an anim instance, not a vehicle anim instance. (class settings)

So for my leaf suspension I just set the axle weights to the kingpin. The middle of the axle is 50/50% on both kingpins. This makes it follow them really nicely. I’m also going pretty low poly so I didn’t include a ton of details. The leafs are weighted to the kingpin 100% in the middle and fade off to the body at the ends.

In the wheels I ‘think’ the Suspension Force Offset is basically how soft it is. at +40 I seem to get no body roll. - 40 is a lot. 0 is probably a regular car.

Max raise is the sag (how much the car sinks into it. Max drop is how far the wheels extend.

I feel the same about the (sedan style) cars when turned over, that’s as well why i wanted the suspension. i could not put them in a game unless it was a top down (more toy like) game. I’ve seen plenty of quite expensive and good looking cars on market place, but i wouldn’t buy them for that reason.
just yesterday i did notice ‘The Advanced car system’ in the sale section yesterday and thought, ‘wow someone did already make the proper version of my project’, with adjustable wheels and many customiseable options, but smiled when i see it’s all just sedan style with wheels magically levitating in their positions, ‘I WAS NOT WRONG THAT NO ONE HAS DONE IT YET’ :).

I have to say that i don’t usually understand a lot of what you say about suspension, all that terminology melts my brain like that unreal wishbone tut :slight_smile:
(Only because i haven’t learnt it, and as you can tell, have been trying to dodge having to for years :slight_smile:

But your pictures i understand about the King pin and also on the leaf springs 50/50 ect, i can clearly see those many hours you must have spent working all that lot out :slight_smile:

I was watching the 'math b car tutorials on youtube a while ago and saw you can have solid wheels on a vehicle 'like what you mention changing to vis wheel from phys wheel.

i have to ask you Jay is it possible/would it be very hard to change the buggy wheels to viswheels ?
You say your main BP be is an anim instance, not a vehicle anim instance. (class settings), so does that mean you animate the wheels with your vehicles bp not a separate vehicle anim bp (sorry if that’s obviously wrong :slight_smile:

The reason why i ask is not only because i would be very interested in having the easy changeable wheel meshes ability, on my cars (i presume that it makes that possible ?) plus in the project, But also and mainly because of the realism of a wheel with collision instead of the phys wheel sinking into what it is driving over until the line trace kicks in ?

If you could please tell me if it’s possible/hard/easy and if you know of any tuts, that would be much appreciated.

I cleaned my project last night and made a car preset, But now have big problems to solve in the project. i am going to post about it, and hope that you or anyone else can say ‘hey i know what the problem is and help me’ :). because as i think you will see, the few that might want it, won’t with how it is now lol.

OK, my bp IS now a **vehicle **anim instance. It wasn’t before and that was causing an issue… I just listed the problems I had so if someone else has them that’s stuff that’s easy to miss.
(I couldn’t create a wheel handler node)

Also in my picture there are a lot of bones there that can’t be seen. They are stacked…
ie: the viswheel, physwheel, hub, pos hub, kingpin… They are all in the exact same spot. Most of them aren’t weighted to the mesh, they are all just referenced for locations in the Anim_BP.


So the buggy wheels are just part of the buggy mesh. They aren’t physically attached to the rollcage mesh, they need to turn separately. But they are all ‘one mesh’.

If you just select all the wheel polys and delete them the rig should work fine still. You just won’t have visible wheels in game.

This is how I’m working. My mesh in the above picture is just the chassis (frame, suspension, hubs). But the entire skeleton is in the file.
I did that for two reasons.
1- it’s easier to skin and rig without having the wheels in the way.
2- I also wanted interchangeable wheels.

So you can make a copy of the buggy file. In one file select all the wheel polys and delete them. Export that and you should have a working buggy without visual wheels.
In the other file delete all polys EXCEPT the wheels and export that. You should now have 4 wheels that work. I like to driv them around.

  • Import the rollcage mesh. Let the import make skeleton but NOT a physics mesh.
    Now in the vehicle BP scene window you can use the chassis (rollcage) as the base mesh.

  • Import the wheels mesh using the skeleton from the rollcage. DO make a physics mesh on import.

Add a skeletal mesh component to the vehicle_bp and use the wheels mesh. They should all line up and work together in game. (the body and wheels)

Make sure both the chassis and wheels use the anim_bp. (this tells the suspension on the rollcage how to move, and the wheels how to move).
(they move by how the anim bp tells them to — using the wheel handler node)

—vis wheel/ phys wheel.–

So these are just bone names.

The actual visual wheel can be named whatever you want (tire, rim,wheel). But they HAVE to be rigged to the VisWheel bones.

The physwheel is just a bone that the anim_bp uses for attaching a phys collision. Nothing in the 3d file is attached.

:: OK, so now you have imported :

1- a skeletal mesh that is the skeleton rigged with the rollcage/body of the car. (no phys)

2- a skeletal mesh that is only the wheels and skeleton. But on import you used the rollcage/body’s skeleton. You make a phys mesh on import with this. In this phys mesh delete all the collision shapes.
Chose the ‘PhysWheel’ bones one at a time and add/replace bodies (this is important - the add shape button is wrong for this) the collisions with SPHERE already chosen in the phys body tab (mine is on right side of screen, sorry away from my comp atm)
Doing this on the wheel mesh makes the phys models the same size as your visual wheel mesh.

Now change the ‘sphere’ n the right hand tab to ‘box’. Go back to the bones tab (left side - we are still in the physics file)
select the very root bone (is called vehicle), add/replace bodies button again.
You will get a tiny little box in the middle of the wheels, scale this up the the vehicle body size. After the wheels are done you can go to scene preview tab and chnage the wheels mesh to the body mesh. then make a good collision shape for body (Or import a custom one)

This is getting long…

So that is all the ‘physwheel’ bones are for. attaching the collision sphere inside Unreal.

The VisWheel bone is for rigging the actual tire to in 3d program.

The wheel you see is just a skeletal mesh.

So now you’ll have a working chassis and you can make as many wheel files as you want and swap them out in Unreal. Either by making several BP’s, or swapping mesh components…

Hopefully that’s not too confusing.

If the wheels are sinking into the ground check:

1- if you recaled a rig this can happen. Hence the reason I finally broke down and just made a new rig from scratch. But if you zeroed out the bones you might be OK. This can be one of those 3d program> game engine nightmares. Depending on programs used.

2- you haven’t adjusted the wheel size in the wheel BP’s to the proper radius.
in game use the console (`) and type pxvis collision
This will show pink spheres for collisions and black 'wheels. The black wheels are what the car actually drives on. Their position is attached the the visWheel bone. This can be changed with their radius and width in the wheel BP file.
If the radius is too small then the visual wheel in game will sink into the ground. it is riding on these invisible wheels, not the wheels you actually see.

Also make sure the wheels skeletal mesh (that you attach to the BP) has collision set to NONE.

On my vehicles I have 3 main parts:

The chassis (chassis skeleton) (this is frame, suspension, hubs)
The Wheels (Chassis skeleton, wheels phys file) (wheels only)

And then I have a body mesh that has a different skeleton (for doors, steering whel animations). I just plop that on top of the BP file too. SO I can change out the wheels and/or body.
(then on this skeleton I also have separate doors that I can swap out, different lights, tops, hoods).

You can also rig the tires as one file, and the rims as another. So you can easily swap the tire but not the rim, or vice-versa

Sorry for not replying sooner Jay,
Yet again i have to give you a huge thank you :).
writing all that out must of took a long time and although i can’t say i understand it all yet, i will be trying hard to do that soon, Your huge and kind effort will not go to waste (although don’t be shocked if i ask for help :slight_smile:

And i truly say if there is anything i can do for you in return, please ask (like if there is anything you were wanting from the project now, i’ll happily put up a link or jpgs showing the code ect)

The thing i have been trying to do last night and today (and need to do first before attempting your words) is trying to solve a big problem in the Retread project. i did notice it before, but i did not know how bad it was. basically most of my presets don’t work normally or good after respawning, and even worse is that they don’t work normally when dragged in from content browser ?.

It does seem i have ended up with 2 versions of the same BP ?, The one that is already in the level works fine, But after respawn or a new copy dragged in, they don’t work properly any more ??.

I think i might of edited some of them via the level editor, rather than opening the BP it self (double clicked on BP while it is in level then changed some materials ect in the details panel), and that i do know will change material on the BP in level, but not change the material inside BP. and that’s the only reason why i can think i seem to have 2 versions of the same BP, But that still doesn’t explain while they are not even very driveable after Respawning/New versions from content b are dragged in

I have read that BPs can get damaged and also know about the back ups folder (but i am sure i won’t have old enough backups, let alone they would be missing a lot of what i have added since)

Plus the Advanced BPs are over a year old, but the same problem is happening to the Sedan version (made with 4.22 template BP)
and also it is not to all the advanced or sedan BPs ?

So anyway i just thought i would ask if you or anyone that might read this if you have come across this and have any possible answers.
I don’t want to delete the BPs (They are the ones i have worked most on).

Worst comes to worst i will just try and make 3 good BPs (1 of each Vehicle base type) that work in any level (plus i will leave everything else in project for people to make up the other preset versions themselves if they want to),
But what happens if it happens to them again. Basically it would be best to solve this problem first rather than remaking and hoping it doesn’t happen again lol.

Here’s a video if you or anyone are up for helping with this mystery :slight_smile:

and Thanks again Jay

And just in case you haven’t seen the better video of the Advanced Car (link upstairs too) here’s the quick vid i made lastnight, - YouTube plus as well in case you are interested in the GTA flying car cheat (i actually thought many would be :slight_smile: here’s the vid to that UE4 GTA Flying Car Cheat (WIP) - YouTube

Hey no problem :wink:

I hate to say this but… I hope you backed up.
I’ve learned to zip up my entire project before I delete or clean anything. UE4 can be pretty brutal and unforgiving when you delete stuff.
Ironically it seems to work pretty **** good most of the rest of the time. (at least for simple stuff i do)

The warnings at the start seem to only be HUD textures so I don’t think that’s the problem.

The jeep looks like the physics is broken.
I noticed the visual wheels aren’t spinning right. The front does at first but the back doesn’t. At the end they all seem weird. Make sure the physics file has spheres (default type) on all the physWheel bones.

Also, double check the skeletons are right. If they got mixed up… I’ve had to start over reimporting them when that happens. I just don’t get why it will grab an old skeleton with a different name when I don’t ask it to.

The sedan is definitely physics.

Is that just the base files stuff (new mesh of course) or did you try to add a new skeleton? The new rig won’t work with it, the sedan is too simple. (anim bp and all that)

are those cars just one mesh? or did you add wheels to the bp

If you put a top of a car (or any attachments including wheels)
maybe this will help.

The first is my chassis (frame suspension hub) :: uses anim_bp, vehicle collision preset.

Second is my wheels. Dropped onto chassis. Same skeleton. Same Anim_BP, NO collision

Third is the body (it’s own skeleton, just dropped onto chassis. No Anim BP (though I want to add one for doors/hood), NO collision

If anything attached has collision you will fly/flop around like the sedan seems to be doing.

I get awesome high speed wheelies if my gas can has collision :slight_smile:

Here’s my phys file

I made it using the wheels mesh so I could add/replace bodies, using spheres (details) that automatically fit the wheels.

DELETE all existing bodies first.

Then in preview (beside details panel I changed it to my chassis (same skeleton) so I could add collision bodies for it. (I still need top parts for the cab)

For the box I chose box in panel then add/replace bodies. with vehicle (root bone) selected.

The capsules I just chose Add Shape. They are just support collision.
But I got a huge improvement in stability when I UNCHECKED - ‘Contribute to Mass’ under body setup in details for the capsules.

If someoen has a 2 wheeled solution/approach he can share, outline briefly, still looking for something like a medieval horse/donkey cart…

Hi Unit23,
you are just not thinking fourthdimentionally.

Have 4 wheels, the front 2 will be invisible and handle the cart steering. The rear 2 will match the cart wheel specifications.

Not that it wouldn’t work with just 2 wheels btw, I have managed the attaching and simulating the falling too.
the front steering just provides stability and accuracy over just the kinematic simulation.

There is a tut on Youtube how to attack a trailer with constraints i believe. I don’t think you can drive it, but it is pulled behind a vehicle. So if you attach it to a horse you should be able to pull it.

When i read “community project”, then I assumed we could contribute to the project. Why dont you put it on Git or something like it?

**[MERSIGOTH, I just saw your message on Youtube, your project is definitively super interesting. For my project, I finally used the AdvVehicle Template But unlike you, I still can’t change wheels, so I wait for the possibility to see how you did it.

Also, I search some solutions to set (by editable variables) some mechanical values from AdvVehicle Template. I know normally it’s not possible to edit the Mechanical setup of this template, so it’s a kind a headache for me…
I already found out how to “set MaxSpeed” and “set SteeringMaxAngle”, but I still need to improve how to “set Acceleration”, and “set Mass”.
Did your project allow to setup engine? I really want to try your system in my project, I wish you to get Epic approval!](**