Thank You For UE4 !

Yeah, thank you for being Epic :smiley:

I’ve been using various game engines for several years, and so far, this is the one that I enjoying the most. I have so much fun with it! And I love the fact of how easy we can achieve great results with it.
So, an Epic thank you for the Epic guys and for the community as well.
I am loving been here!

Sometimes i badly think, UE4 has bugs… UE4 doesnt have all features… UE4 has issues… crashes…

But, this is all nothing comparing to that fact, that UE4 is the only considerable engine for me, of all freely available engines, including Unity3D and CE3.

I’ve tryed to use Unity3D and CE3, even UDK, and i failed.
With UE4 i feel really succeed.

UBT, open source, Pascal case, feedback.
Thx Epic.

That’s actually what I noticed most about going from UE3 to UE4, I can make games so much FASTER now in UE4!

So many workflows have been streamlined to enable faster production!

During the Beta I asked myself "so what is it about UE4 that I can say is better than UE3 beyond C++ source access and rendering improvements? What’s the overall improvement that makes this the next gen of game development?

And I realized it was that UE4 enables me to turn my game ideas / dreams into hard coded game so much faster!

Thanks Epic!


Thank you for UE4 Epic!

I had another 8 hours of C++ coding fun today :slight_smile:

Thank for making C++ available to us all!



Thank You For UMG

I recently made a UMG implementation of my Steam Friends List!

UMG made this process go very quickly!

I did the online subsystem work in C++ and then used my own tutorial to make the scrollable list of buttons:

UMG Tutorial, dynamic list of scrollable clickable buttons


Players can click on names of friends to join their game, and can easily see who is online at any time, entirely via UMG!

Thank you for UMG, Epic + Nick!




You are awesome Rama, you realized it yourself but if the game is released on Steam, you have already this feature, i am right , no ?

Edit : oh i forget , thank you for being good Epic :wink:

Haha yea you can do Shift + TAB to open friends list if you have steam,

but you gotta admit

My In-game Galaxy Friends list looks so much sexier :slight_smile:

Also my friends list works with any platform’s online subsystem, it is online system agnostic, it works directly with UE4’s Online Subsystem Interface and so my friends list is independent of the platform, and will always look like the same!

Also not everyone wants to have to press Shift + TAB and see a Steam UI, it’s very… um… specific aesthetic that takes you out of your game’s aesthetic.

But very nice to hear from you ChrisTM !



I completely agree with what you say :),
greate work

Congratulations Epic, 4.5 Is Incredible!

I can’t believe it!!

I upgraded my code base of several 100,000 lines of code in minutes, meaning I did not have to deal with any major API changes,

and my compile times are about twice as fast!

Yes even my .h compile times are about twice as fast now!

This is incredible!

Amazing work Epic!



UMG Mouse Focus so Good in 4.5

With the help of the Set UI Mode nodes in 4.5, I finally feel like I have full control over whether UI elements or game viewport gets the mouse focus!

That was the one issue holding me back from doing more UMG

Great work Epic!


Rama you love Unreal Engine , no ? i am wrong ? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a mutual thing ;D

Hee hee!

  • Blushes *



Every month I think to myself, I should cancel my sub since I am still learning and don’t “need” it. But then every month you guys release an amazing update and it just keeps me going. Really impressive guys and you all deserve so much more thanks then mere words.

**Thank You Epic

for Add Code To Project**

Wow using the File -> Add Code To Project feature I was able to add a C++ foundation for a client’s Blueprint project in about 4 minutes!

And the template code provided was very helpful and also contained only what it should!

This was infinitely easier for me then having to remake the project from the closest approximate template project!

Thanks Epic!


Wow that’s awesome! Thank you for mentioning it, I have been thinking about switching one of my projects over to code, I had no idea it was this simple!

Thanks Epic & of course Rama! :smiley:

Hee hee you’re welcome DotCam!

**Thank You Epic for UObject Network Replication!**

Every time I pass a Actor or UObject ptr over the network and the client actually finds the right equivalent proxy I am just so amazed!

**Thank you Epic for UE4's awesome UObject pointer replication system!**

For example, I can pass the character proxy over the network, as a simple pointer, telling the server from a client to do something to all instances of that client's proxy. a

And the server finds the right proxy on its side and then replicates the change to all other client versions of the original proxy, just amazing!



PS: Community member Zoid recently released a full wiki totorial on Network Replication, you can read up on how awesome UE4 network replication is here!

Thank You For UMG Nick and Rest of Epic

I just started making a UI system for one of my games that involves clicking on objects in the world and getting stats about them, and I have plans to make a UMG file system, and

oh my!

UMG is so much fun to use!

I had written my own C++ UI system from scratch, so I am quite familiar with UI design, and wow, UMG is really a world leader in easy and fun to use UI systems for games!

I got my menu system done so fast, and even included some animations!

One of my favorite features of UMG is the ability to right click on any element and say “Wrap with”, so neat, so helpful!

Great work Nick and rest of Epic!


Thank you Epic for the robust plugin system, this is my favorite part of UE4 no doubt <3 I love being able to code a bunch of stuff for an artist or whoever and then just give em a plugin that they dont even need to compile. so freaking amazing!

Also thank you for slate. :slight_smile: